Thai’d Up

Tonight felt like old times.

Its been WAY too long since the stars seemed to align just right letting me find time to get together with a few girls.  Good food, deep bellied laughs & thankfully plans to make this happen more often.  Just exactly what I needed.

Even though it was way to hot to be May, we decided to eat outside.  And didn’t regret it for a moment.

Did I mention the food?


& I ALMOST went for something new. BUT like always I went with my FAVORITE Pad Cee U.  (yeah I probably didn’t spell that right) DELISH!

Course mine was less entertaining than the mussels my friend ordered.

What’s that?

Meal in a meal?

A baby crab! Hidden inside.  IT was too much fun.  Guess they were really fresh.  We decided it was the the equivalent of getting the baby in the King cake at Marti Gras!

We also decided that its been far too long since we all got together.

That & life is never normal when we chicks get together!


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