Day of Remembering

No matter what chaos we all find in our own lives, we should take a moment to reflect on all the sacrifices the men and women in the armed forces make to make our lives possible.  Also don’t forget their families and friends who struggle to support and stay connected.

Even better than taking a day off work to celebrate, DO SOMETHING FOR THEM!

Numerous programs are around that can provide ways to support and make the days of those who serve.  Check out which sounds like something you could do & do it.  Also if you know of one not listed here, post the information in the comments & spread the word.

Baxter LOVES his friends in the service!

OPERATION SALSA DROP:   one of my favorite since its local to me & who doesn’t love salsa? especially if they are stuck overseas?  Supporting is EASY!  you can buy salsa for yourself & support the cause, you can donate cash (paypal) to pay for shipping, you can even sigh up someone you know that is deployed & send some directly to them.  If you aren’t up to paying for the whole cost of sending the case of salsa, you can always sign them up with their address for no cost.  They just want to bring salsa smiles to those who serve!

eMail Our Military: eMOM connects you with deployed service members and allows you to support thru emails.  If you have ever wanted a pen pal… this is your program!  Its a step up from the traditional “any service member” mail.  You are connected with a soldier who signed up to be in the program for the encouragement, motivation and distraction of your correspondence.

Operation Homefront:  One of the hardest things on those deployed are worry for those they left behind.  Operation Homefront works to easy that concern.  Their focus is ensuring that families are cared for.

USO:  til every one comes home.  Need I say anything about this group? they seem to be the one we all know to turn to in order to give support.

Troop Support also is a site with a TON of links to ways to show your support.

The main thing I see is to share a smile.  Welcome them home.  Recognized the opportunities to help how you can.  Open a door, buy their meal & most of all THANK THEM, in person, verbally a simple THANK YOU can mean the world.

Showing your support should mean a lot more than slapping a magnet on the back of your car or wearing a T-shirt you brought from a big box store.

Show them you care….because you do.  Not just because you should.


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