Just call me Tiger Lily

Another full throttle day!

Work ended up being insane today.  Several job orders that needed IMMEDIATE workers were more difficult to fill than expected & kept us hoping all day.  I lost count of the number of people I spoke with.  Also had a new girl start.  She is filling the position I started at since I have moved positions.  Can’t wait to get her up to speed & she is already proving to be amazing!  Honestly it was the most hectic day we have had & if she can hang with that, I adore her.

We all certainly earned our pay day tomorrow & a big glass of wine tonight!

Through it all I feel like I am finally in my element.  I LOVE placing the right people with the right positions.  Granted they aren’t long term jobs for the most part, but the people that I’ve met seem so happy to be getting the chances & then getting the work.  I’m just a match maker, but its a great feeling seeing the connection at work.  I’m also amazed at the wide range of how people sell themselves & the way they present themselves.

Towards the end of the day – we got a surprise!

FLOWERS!  Beautiful, fragrant delightful lilies in just the nick of time!

It was like a zap of zen tossed into the chaos.

Perfect timing & I can’t wait to see them tomorrow!

They were a prize for knowing who the Iron Jawed Angels were (if you don’t know, get in the know!).  Figured since I got lucky, I should share the wealth!  Who would appreciate the flowers more, my birds & Baxter or the crew at work?  WORK!  Plus I get to see them more while I’m at work.

Good call since they made the day.

….my explanation of “I won them” got me a couple of strange looks!

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