Who the heck is that?

Today was one of those days where I had to wonder where the cameras were hidden.  Just seemed like a sit com script unfolding.

Alarm went off way too early.  I was loving being in dreamland even if the dream was working through some crazy stuff.  Not brave enough to put out there the details, but although I was fighting a lot of different battles (not literally) but parts of it felt very comfortable.  One of those emotional dreams you don’t want to leave just yet that stick with you.  So I hit snooze a couple of times.

Which was an issue.  I NEEDED to get up & get dressed.  Evidently when I did, I wasn’t quite awake.  Showered & as I was turning the water off & toweling off…. I realized I heard a voice.  In the spare room where I was sleeping.  I FROZE.  The cell phone I tend to keep by my side was in the living room…. no calling for help on this one.  I PANICKED.  What is a naked chick to do?  Baxter was in the bathroom laying on the rug giving me “the look”.  Clearly not amused with being away from the bed this early.  He isn’t the biggest watch dog, but did he just stick by my side even with an intruder in my house?

then I heard a voice I recognized.

the blissful voice of an angel.  Madonna.  Suddenly I was safe.

Like a prayer… answering mine

THE RADIO on the alarm!!!  I had hit snooze again as I got up instead of the off button.  Oops…. well the heart was racing & I was WIDE awake at that point!

So off to work for the day.

Work was insanity.. mostly in a good way, but still non-stop.  Lunch was a MUCH needed break visiting with a friend at a metaphysical shop that is always calming to me.

Which was a STARK contrast to snagging lunch on the way back to the office.  I experienced drive thru rage at its finest.  Person tried cutting in line & pissed people off.  Then the lady behind me was being rude. Not sure what inspired me, but for some reason I  thought of one of the things on my life list I had never done… “paying for a stranger’s order behind you in a drive thru”.  Part of me thought NO WAY not this chick who is being rude, but then I thought she is obviously angered by something in her life.  Maybe she needs a smile more than someone else.  Why not?  So I asked the cashier if I could pay for her order.  The cashier LOVED the idea!  So another person happy.  (BONUS!)  The really great part was her order ended up only being just over $3!

Another check on the life list!  Hopefully the person in the car behind me had a better attitude for the rest of the day.  I know I did.

Carried me thru a few more interviews, placements & prepping for tomorrow’s rush.  All the way til 5:30 pm when it was time to dash downtown.

Had been invited to a networking event with a co-worker.  Best part – it was at Front Street Brewery! Great beer & delish food – FREE!!!    Ended up running into an old neighbor who just moved back to the area & meeting a few new faces.

Course returning to my horrid parallel parking job I discovered I was wrong about the free parking after 6!  Still I’m preferring to think of it as a donation to the city.  Oh well.  What can you do?

Just keep laughing & keep on keeping on.  Life can always be a lot worse.

Like strangers in your bedroom….


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