Its a Wild World.

Hard to get by just upon a smile girl…

No clue why but that song is stuck in my head.   Not really minding it all that much.  Could be a LOT worse.

Maybe its due to the fact that I had one of the wildest days at work so far & I ADORED most of it.  Had several companies calling in wanting workers immediately! Thanks to the great people, we were able to fill them.  Course unfortunately a couple of people wanting to work didn’t work out.  I’m amazed still at how different people’s lives can be.  Simple choices don’t always work out so well.  Makes me feel grateful that I have always been lucky in the end.

So before work I checked out a house for sale.  Correction. I checked out the neighborhood.  Its actually really close to work so when I found myself ready for work early, I decided it was as good a way as any to sip coffee before work.

I’m opening up more to the idea of moving.  I know I want to…just still need to figure out how it would all work.  Is it really an option or would I be biting off more than I can chew?  I just want to make sure I can find a place to feel safe.  One thing I know I have to do is visit the neighborhoods at various times to see how it feels.  The morning felt great.  …the after work traffic at another neighborhood didn’t feel so great.  What I thought might be a #1 choice, turned out to not feel right at all neighborhood wise.  Also would hate to have to fight the traffic turning out of that neighborhood everyday.  Little things I want to think of before falling for a fireplace or spacious closet.

Honestly I don’t really know what all to think of.  Its slightly overwhelming.  I tend to trust my gut.  Like when we bought this place.  I felt it was right & I went for it.  Was the first place we looked at.  For YEARS it was perfect.  I’ve been living in this same house since December 1996.  Now it doesn’t feel right.  Time to change.  Maybe that means doing something different here, but maybe it means relocate.

For now its just keeping my eyes & options open.

Plus… I am so excited about this movie!!!


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