Smiles, squid & shortsales

Finally got one of those moods I have needed for a little while now.

Spent the morning starting the house hunt.  Not going too hard, but its become an option recently & I’m entertaining the idea.

At first it felt a bit like giving up on another dream.  Honestly I wanted to house hunt for a new home with a new partner & doing so felt like I was closing that door.  But I need change.  This place holds way too many memories on the inside & too much chaos on the outside.  this is no longer who I am.  Moving on to something new, doesn’t mean I will be there forever, but for the next phase in life.  I still may meet someone & move on to “our home”, but til then why shouldn’t I have a home?  this place feels like a box of old history just sealed away.  Dunno.  Just thinking at this stage.

Great news on the family front.  Even if it was a bit rocky this morning discovering that my mom had to go to the hospital Friday & was there all day.  Funny NO ONE told me about it.  But my sister says she tried to call & she did tell me today.  Better late than never.  At least they are making a better effort to keep me in the loop.  Trust is hard, but we are working on it.

Helped that I got to talk to my mom who sounded more like herself than she has in a while.  She is doing MUCH better & eating.  I had to laugh when I heard she requested refried beans.  That was what I craved after a major food poisoning attack years ago.  Guess I got it from somewhere honest!  I still think that stuff is better than jello on a sick day.

Caught up with a bestie who I was worried about.  Seemed a bit down after moving to south florida recently.  Today he seems more like himself too.  Takes time.  He is such a spark I know they will love him there once he gets discovered.  Truth is anywhere can feel like a place to run from or run to.  Its the people in our lives that matter.  If the backdrop ends up being breaktaking, then its a bonus!  So smiles to know he is doing better & to get to text our humor back & forth so much today.

Also got to catch up with Shadow before he heads back to the road for work.  Just a quick dinner…so quick that I ended up ordering the calamari & his wine while I was there solo waiting for him to get there.

...gee.. what's missing from this picture?

Felt good to talk about everything (without actually talking about everything) & even teased a bit about how green I am in my cater waiter skills.  Something about great friends that just relaxes you.  Free Olive Garden doesn’t hurt either.  I got next, so we are going to have to hit up a Sonic or something! ha ha JUST KIDDING.

So I’m ending the weekend where the world would have ended with a smile.  Still wish I could have gotten a hug from my mom, but one from Shadow helps.

& even if I didn’t get to go see Bridesmaids or Pirates of the Caribbean, I had fun.  Besides, I’ve been a bridesmaid more times than I needed to be & frankly like is a bit like a pirate around here with all parrots (& the one swearing like a sailor!).

Pirates of the Cul-de-sac


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