Dixie and disctractions

So remember a while back when I spent the day on set of a pilot as an extra?

Well… the pilot was picked up!

Hart of Dixie will be on the CW this fall!

No idea if I will be visible in the background, almost hoping I’m not! But its exciting to see something I watched get made.  Also excited for the local film industry.  Not only are several movies in production, now there are two pilots locally made that have been picked up by the CW!  I think One Tree Hill will still have another season too, but who knows?!  This is a huge deal for this area.  Means work for many & money being brought into the community.  Plus its just cool bragging rights to get to say I live in an area where it can pass for both the back woods of Alabama and the Hamptons through a camera lens!

I needed the excitement of the news tonight. Its a tough one.

My mom is feeling the effects of chemo in a really bad way & I feel completely helpless. All part of the course of how these things run, but it doesn’t make it any easier to go through. Knowing she is barely getting an hour of sleep or being able to even hold liquids down, is hard. There is nothing we can do right now other than wait.

& hope.

Hoping I can do. Waiting is a lot harder. Especially from what feels a million miles away. Planned on going to see her & provide some distraction & another set of hand to help….but evidently the general consensus is that there is no reason for me to go. I get it….sort of.

So instead of distracting someone else… I get to distract myself this weekend.

& hope.

Hope that the moment when things go from bad to better happens very soon. Hope that she gets to that moment where the water taste good & stays down. Where she is able to close her eyes and open them to find she got sleep and now feels a bit more like her body is her own, instead of a battlefield.

Hope that all this misery gives her some relief in the long run and a few more weekends where I can come visit.


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