Today has been a full day indeed!

Got my first post card through PostCrossing! Its a grey wolf from Canada!  And the fact that a WOLF arrived on the Full Moon has not been lost on me.  Still makes me giggle.  Such a pretty card & the message was so sweet.

I am having fun sending cards, but I have to admit this getting cards is pretty danged cool too!  I can’t wait to see where the next one comes from.

A downside has been that the chemo is making someone very sick it sounds like.  Really wishing I was there to break up the day & be a distraction.  Also wishing I could get some food.  My Dad is great but he is no cook.  His idea of a meal alone is opening a can of tuna & eating straight from the can.  Not tempting at all.  Tried to give him a few ideas, but who knows.  I mentioned watermelon, popsicles, ginger ale & to pick up some doughnuts that were a hit a while back… but not sure he will take the suggestions.  Hard feeling helpless so far away.  But I had to get back to work which means I can’t be there to help out.  Just have to keep reminding myself that this may mean its doing what it is supposed to do.  If there were no changes, I would have to wonder if it is having any effects.  So thinking positive & hoping that we can figure out how to make this time a bit easier to get through.

As far as work goes…. it goes GOOD!

I have been loving the work & that I look up to find half the day is gone.  Busy, busy & I really enjoy reading through all the resumes, meeting the people & learning about what they are looking for & then connecting them with employers.  Originally I was answering phones, greeting people & entering in data.  At the end of last week, they tested me out in interviewing & placing a job order (connecting the employer with an employee).  Turns out I love it & seem to be doing good since they have promoted me!  The raise is going to help out too!  Grateful for the good news to share with my parents on what seems to be a hard day there.

Interviewing has always been one of my favorite parts of previous jobs.  Now I get to do it more than ever!

If only they allowed pugs in the office.


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