100 less things in..

48 hours?

well.. try 72 hours.

Saturday was just a wash with the late start & the 7 hours spent working. I had big hopes for Sunday. Waking up with sore legs & exhausted didn’t help me feel productive. Sadly the motivation just wasn’t there. BUT today I caught up & threw out a total of 115 things.

Some were slightly surprising. Who on earth hangs on to a STACK of netflix envelopes? How did I even accumulate so many? I remember sending a couple of disc back together, but had no idea I had done that so many times! Trashed.

Course the catalogs full of dreams of a life that just isn’t mine (now at least) were all around. The crazy thing was as sad as I felt tossing them into the recycling bin, thinking: “dang. I will not be ordering that ______ (insert incredibly cool thing you just can’t live without there)!” – I groaned to come home to 2 more in my mail box today! The truth of the matter is I can browse online & in stores. Sure its nice to flip through the pages & just imagine ordering the good stuff, but there will always be updates coming. {Shhh, I kept the IKEA one} My justification used to be that I used the pictures in art projects like collages & pendants. So many bright colors & interesting images. Honestly I just haven’t done that much this past year. So keep the new ones & use them if I can…. or toss them when the next edition arrives.

CLOTHES… I have too many.  I realize this, but I also know I like being able to mix up things.  I have my clothes I work in, my night out stuff, my casual, my at home relaxing & my wish it still fix/wasn’t broken/etc ones.  So I got a bag together to donate of ones I never wear.  Some I’m just over.  Some that have been waiting to be hemmed or have a button fixed, whatever.  Tossed a bikini that I think I wore in high school!  This is certainly going to have to be an area I revisit another time.

So since I ended up not actually tossing the 100 items in 48 hours, I’m vowing to take this challenge again soon! My life could loss a bit more excess. Hopefully on a day I don’t feel stretched so thin.

Thinking I might have to set up a reward next time to motivate me more.  But what?  an object would be counterproductive, so maybe a movie out? Who knows.  But its done.  For now.

& although they don’t count as things I’m getting rid of (maybe they should…) but I had a blast addressing 5 more postcards to send around the world via Postcrossing.  To Finland, Germany, Poland, North Korea & Japan.  The last card I sent went to Belarus!  I haven’t gotten one sent to me yet, but I also just started.

There is some simple joy in just sending a picture, a piece of my world, to give a glimpse of life here.  Can’t wait to see the ones I get & where they come from.  ….I know more stuff coming into the house…  Oops!  But its fun!  Maybe I can make an art project with them? Or just organize them in a cheap photo book!


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