On this day I thee serve…wine

Finally a wedding where I didn’t have to stress over what to wear, what to give the couple or if I would feel awkward not having a date!  Yes, I worked it. Literally.

A friend from a former job as a wonderful catering company & when I quit my previous job I reached out to let her know I was available if she ever needed any help.  Figured the money could help as I was looking.  Turns out the company had 2 big weddings last night & therefore had to bring on some additional staff.  Enter me.

All I knew was to wear black pants & comfy black shoes.  The shirt & apron would be provided.  Had to bring in tax forms & and I-9 as I showed up to the yacht club on time.

Not really much prep.  I wasn’t worried til I started getting ready yesterday.  Having NEVER worked in anywhere that serves food beyond being in HR at a natural foods market that also had a deli, I had NO experience beyond my own kitchen.

First snafu was in the shirt being WHITE.  Silly me wore a black tank top & hot pink bra….not too big a deal, but it dawned on me that she never asked for a size.  Mine fit but the bust was tight, only accentuating the black tank underneath. Thankfully another server had one that was too big for her otherwise I was going to be the boobalicious server all night.

First duty, get a tray & serve glasses of wine to the guests as they arrive.  Sounded scary enough, but add in my injured hand & OH SNAP…what was I thinking saying I would do this.  I wanted to vomit thinking of broken glass, chardonnay & pinot noir all over the place!  But I said I would do it & I was not about to walk out now.  The first few rounds I was nervous, but I managed to get the hang out it all. 🙂  Yes this chick can maneuver through crowds with a tray of up to 12 glasses of wine!  Course there were a couple of glasses broken through the night, but they were from drunken groomsmen…nothing my fault thankfully!

The only real issue through the night was the cake.

No I did not knock it over.  I even managed to rush the top tier off after they slice the first piece & package it for freezing. Sure the bakery that made it did a lovely job.  It was pretty & fit in nicely with the theme of the reception.

The issue was the fondant.  Maybe it was the 80 degree temps.  Maybe it was the celebratory cake knife.  Maybe it was just leftover Friday the 13th fun.  Whatever it was that cake did not want to play nice.  Thankfully I wasn’t in charge of the slicing, but it just was painful to watch.  The fondant did not want to separate enough to slice into pieces.  The cake part was just way too crumbly to stay put together nicely for serving.  The 2nd & 3rd tiers were a nightmare.  Even after I snagged a different night from the kitchen – which slightly helped.  The 4th tier was a bit more cooperative thankfully.

So brides to be, FYI fondant looks great, but its a pain in high temps.  Sure its going to taste great no matter what (as long as the baker is good) but if you want pretty plates of cake to be passed around, you might want to go with something safer.

For me the lesson learned was don’t be scared to try new things.

Turns out I loved working the wedding.  Beautiful environment, delish smells, happy people (even if a few were obnoxiously snockered), great workout (my body is screaming) & I helped to make a couple’s happy day bliss.  Oh and catering leftover are incredible.  Free insanely good food… yes sign me up!


Oh & for an update on the challenge I started yesterday:  I promised to get rid of 100 things from my life this weekend (Saturday & Sunday), by the time I left for work I had gotten rid of 20 items.  So today is going to call for 80 more items gone.  I can do this, but first might need to prop these feet up a bit longer & catch up on last nights Saturday Night Live!



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