Unclutter My World

Everything in my life feels like its changing …yet in many ways is frozen in time.

I have my dreams & frankly sometimes as low key as I see them to be, they just feel completely unattainable. Trying to embrace the spirit of trusting life will take me down the path I should be on.  Still I’m stubborn.

Its like the story by Aesop that talks about the oak and the reeds.  How the reeds bends in the storm unlike the tree that stands rigid & snaps.  I’m not a reed.  Getting blown over as something rolls right over my ass just doesn’t seem to be my nature.

Case in point: relationships – of all types.  As much as I try to be understanding & nurturing in building relationships, deep down I feel like everyone leaves.  All you have is yourself to rely on in life.  People come into our lives and stay for the time that benefits us both & if its time to move on, you have to let go.  Sometimes that is easier to do than others.   Typically when I’m done, I’m done.  Even when I’m not, I would never admit it without a major torture session.  If we are lucky the good people stay in touch & we know that they would be there if they could.

Still at times its hard to feel encouraging of others dreams yet true to your own.  They say there is strength in numbers, but I’ve found you have to be strong on your own to survive.

So why do I hold on to so much stuff?

An article mentioned in a blog recently I read stuck with me.

Like a lot of people, I have more clutter than I need in my life… & house.

This holding on to dreams, has baggage reminding me of what isn’t happening in my life & all the times I miss.

Some reminders are great things.

Others just weigh us down & fill up space in our life.

So today & tomorrow, I am up for the challenge.  100 things will leave my life in 48 hours.

I promise not to list each thing individually (the world does not need to know how many Crate & Barrel catalogs I have laying around dreaming of the perfect home), but I am going to keep track.

Donate, Recycle or Trash

Tomorrow is going to be a big day!  ..today is half over already & I need to leave for work by 4pm  – my first gig helping to serve at a wedding! Please oh please don’t let me ruin this couple’s big day with a case of the klutz.

So hopefully by the end of the weekend my world will feel a bit lighter!

(Thanks for the inspiration Sarah & Cece!)


9 thoughts on “Unclutter My World

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