First Impressions

Recently I have found escape in work.

Its a great feeling knowing I’m helping people by helping them find work.  Also loving getting to meet such a diverse group of people…. most putting their best foot forward.  Amazes me when people don’t, but for the most part people try very hard to be polite & present the best they have to give.  I’m touched & inspired by many stories.  Even have to giggle with a few.

When people are nervous, sometimes they tend to make simple mistakes they typically wouldn’t.  Say things that don’t quite sound like they wanted them too.  I’ve had several moments in the fast paced office where in answering the phone I ALMOST slip up & answer with my former company’s name.  Also I have given out the contact web address so much that I answered the phone with “Thank you for calling…”  thankfully the guy was a good sport.  Still I have to laugh & just take a moment to regroup, breathe & think.

With tomorrow being Friday the 13th, I can’t help but remember back a few years to a memorable mistake!  Was the first time I had gone to Shadow’s house.  We had met in public, but this was the first alone together date.  I recently had picked up several horror DVDs that were on sale cheap & one had 4 Friday the 13th movies on it.  Another had 4 Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  Joking about the date being ON THAT date, we decided to get a couple of beers & watch a few movies.  I agree to go over to his place with the Friday the 13th movies.  Got directions & drove over… nervous.  Wondering what the night would bring.

I arrived we chatted, shared a couple of beers & started the movies.  About half way through the night it dawned on me that we were watching FREDDIE not JASON!!!  I had brought the wrong movies…. he noticed of course, but said nothing about it.

Completely felt like the ditzy dumb blonde joke on that one.

Still it was certainly memorable – on a few levels – and thankfully we can laugh about it still now.


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