Wishes for my mom

This mother’s day, I don’t have the money I would love to spend on my mom.  She deserves more than I ever have had.  BUT as they say it’s the thought that counts and one thing she did encourage in me was to dream.  You better believe I can dream BIG!

So in the spirit of “Wish I Could” these are a few things I would give her if I could.

She spends a lot of time relaxing.  She deserves to kick off the shoes & just chill out comfortably.  She taught school for a few decades, that alone gives her the right to relax.  I don’t know how she ever dealt with it all.  Would love to give her another comfy place to spend her time dreaming a few more dreams.

A jag.  Just because she always wanted one.

Plus at the moment she can’t drive, but I’d be happy to cart her around in it!

A great view of the NC Mountains since she loves them so much.

If it were up to me, I would also arrange it to where every morning she woke to the smell a fresh pound cake.  Simply  because I know she enjoys a slice now & then.

Also I know how much she loves quilting, but how hectic it can get…

So I would love to magically organize her sewing room into something functional & fun that CLEANS itself over & over!

Better yet… her fabric stash just keeps replenishing itself as she uses it & even automatically adds new fabric as it comes out!

…only in the colors & prints that she likes… no ugly stuff!

Games of spite & malice when she wants company & to chat…

and plenty of Sudoku for when she would rather be alone yet distracted.

But most of all I have a very selfish wish.

I wish for MANY MANY MANY more opportunities taken to make memories together in our favorite places doing things that make us smile and forget the hard times & cares of the world around us.

I wish we were always in the Happiest Place in the World, no matter where we are…. but being at Disney World works too!  I know we BOTH can agree on that place being a bit of paradise. 🙂

See you real soon, MOM!


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