Back in Forgotten Shoes

So first day done!

They say the first day is the hardest, but who knows.  Today was not bad at all.  So far its great!  Met the owners and several co-workers.  Personally its a lot to learn, but being able to say “I’m new, let me get someone who can answer that” helps.  Team work is everything.  So far its a great team.

Hardest part is I woke up WAAAY too early! My alarm got set for 7 am when I mistakenly thought I needed to be there at 8 am.  I woke up at 6:30 am for who knows what reason.  I didn’t have to go into work til 8:30!  Its Friday that I go into my old job at 8! I realized it before I got to the new job, so I wasn’t the eager beaver ready to roll extra early, but now I’m exhausted.

LOVE LOVE LOVE being back in the human resources side of life.  Its so interesting to me how people present themselves.  I looked at a lot of resumes today & the diversity is to each end of the spectrum.

One piece of advice to anyone searching for a job: Let a trusted friend or someone else other than yourself look over your resume BEFORE you send it to anyone!  Mistakes are all over.  Misspelled words, grammar errors, even missing contact information can mean someone else gets that job you want.  Get the second set of honest eyes.

I’m finding myself wanting to coach people.  Email them & give suggestions… I’m not.  I’m sure the more I see the less I will care, but right now being fresh from the job hunt, I want to help everyone.

So I’m back to being a working gal!  In some cute, comfy shoes.  Like some skills, I found some I forgot I had.  THIS MORNING, I was getting ready & looked in the back of the closet for who knows what & discovered a pair of shoes that I bought, maybe wore once & they were never seen again, until now!  Love these.


2 thoughts on “Back in Forgotten Shoes

  1. Most applicants appreciate some feedback on their resumes, especially when they didn’t get the position they had applied for. I know that’s not part of your job description, but if someone calls you, it would be a “gift” to them if you were able to give some feedback?

  2. At this point its beyond the scope of my job. But I want to edit & reword things so badly for some. Amazing how people don’t see themselves. I processed a 6 page resume today followed by one that was barely half a page.

    I’m loving this job.

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