Royal Pains… in choosing a dress

Ok I admit that I voice my opinions without regret. However I guess dealing with the impact & reactions at times can be trying.

When I woke, the Royal Wedding of 2011 was STILL going (or so I thought) at 10:30am after having started at 4 am! I thought jeez oh frigging pete these people are serious about their attention. But thankfully it was a replay.

I ADORE LONDON. Its a dream city. I also ADORE the fantasy of fairy tales. But this royal wedding didn’t interest me this time. After admiring Diana as a girl & idolizing her only to see her tragic death due to the world’s admiration, I’m off dreaming its an ideal life. Riding through THE tunnel in Paris, my stomach felt miserable. There is a bit of responsibility in all of us who loved her to the point of wanting to see more of her.

The younger me loved that she was a princess. That she had cute blond hair even if it was too short. She had a sapphire ring & sapphire is my birthstone. I felt I was royalty so we must be related right? lol but those fantasies fade into reality as I grew up but I still admired her. She was strong enough to walk out of the horrible marriage & hold her head high. She publicly dealt with an eating disorder & connected with her struggle. I admired her as she seemed to be helping so many people all over the world. She still seemed wonderful.

She was the people’s princess.

But she wore a HORRIBLE wedding dress.

call it haute couture, but I don't like it

Why am I not into this royal wedding? Same ring. The girl seems ok, even seems like she probably has the eating disorder her mother in law had. But the wedding… eh. I just didn’t care. Maybe its the wedding overload from Bridezillas, Say Yes to the Dress & all the other shows about weddings on TV now. You can’t flip channels without seeing at least one.

But I caught a bit of it today.

First thing I thought was what was she wearing?

Nope. I’m not a fan. I expected to be blown away from all the talk & speculation. Its certainly simple & not over the top.. but its a Royal Wedding, shouldn’t it be?

I got LOADS of feedback from plenty of friends who do love the dress. LOADS! Even told that she HAD to have arms since it was in the Abbey. But if they are going all traditional rules, didn’t they live together? Does that mean she should not wear white? Not be married in the Abbey? Eh whatever. Still I would have gone with something different… but then again, I’d never marry a prince. I don’t want that life. (yes Mom, you read that right – I would never want to be a Princess. You know I prefer being the Queen! Making my own rules rather than constantly on my Ps & Qs!)

It could be worse.  But I don’t feel like it fit her body right.  The fact that they added padding to give her hips just confirms that.  I know we all do things to enhance our looks, be it the miracle bra or the certain shade of eye shadow that makes our eyes pop.  But she had any designer she would want ready to create a look especially for her.  Shouldn’t it actually fit HER BODY?  I think it makes her look older than she is too.

Since I am giving my opinion her, I will also admit that I have certainly made some interesting choices in dresses for special occasions.

I’ve been a bridesmaid 3 times.  One for my sister, one for my best friend & one for a neighbor who needed another girl to match the number of guys in the wedding party.

My favorite was my sisters.

my mom & I - dress was a simple black halter

For my best friend’s wedding, I did get a custom dress.  She just sent a paint sample of the color she wanted us to wear & we all got to pick our dresses.  My mom has a friend to makes dresses for proms, etc so she was happy to work with me.

All in all we did a good job matching all those dresses to that paint card!

The other wedding I can’t seem to find pictures of.  It was a purple dress with long sleeves.  The marriage didn’t last & I’m no longer friends with the bride or groom, so I’m ok forgetting that one completely.

I’ve been to 4 proms through the high school days.

I can’t find the actual prom picture from the first prom my sophomore year, but found one with the dress.  I attended the horrible mistake, er I mean the boyfriend that year’s prom.  He was a senior at another high school in the area.  I don’t really remember much about that prom. This was at an event later so the hair & all was different but that was the dress.  And no, no one told me that in pictures you can see the strapless bra action.  But it was short, sequined & fun.  I loved that dress. BONUS was it looked GREAT with my black leather jacket! Even worked with my Doc Martins….(yes you can laugh at all these pictures, I do!)

the short dress...

The second prom my sophomore year I attended as one of the students that had been selected to plan the prom.  I had a teach who had taken interest in me & saw I was going down a rough road.  Since he was also the guy in charge of the prom, he requested I be on the committee.  A way to keep me out of even more trouble I presume.  I did it wanting to give my input to things….and I had a BLAST!  Who doesn’t LOVE planning a big p

arty with a budget that doesn’t come from your own pocket?  I loved every minute from debating the theme, to picking out favors & invites, to setting up displays & blowing up balloons.  We release a few from the rooftop after wards.  It was great.  That night I was only supposed to work the prom not attend it, but the assistant principle (who I had quite the relationship with.. she HATED me) came & saw I was running the ticket taking booth (which doubled as the watch to see if anyone shows up drunk or dressed inappropriately check point).  She decided she would be better at it & t

old me to just go hang out with my friends for the night.  So I did!

no fancy dress for that prom

My junior prom found me with double joy – my hair & my dress.  the sequins were these strange holographic ones that shimmered unlike anything I had seen!  It fit me like a glove (after being altered down) & I knew it was MY DRESS. The hair, well I have EXTREMELY straight hair & rarely get to get any curl in it.  This was the first time I had been able to get anyone to get any curl to it.  Used a can & a half of aquanet probably, but it was curls!  (yes that block head is the same boyfriend I went to the other prom with… BIG MISTAKE)

The final dress was for my senior prom.  I warn you, there is velvet, satin and feathers.  Also LOADS of big hair!  Some of which had to be positioned strategically in front of my face.  the previous day, I had a bit of rage after a battle with my mom over who knows what I did.  I went over to a friend’s place where everyone hung out.  Drank a bit & while they played Frisbee in the yard I proceeded to use their nun-chucks to vent on a tree stump!  I had used nun-chucks before plenty of times with my best friend who seemed to have an arsenal at his house, but these were different.  Different weight, different chain length… different way of moving.  I watched the weapon as it flew to my face & knew it was coming… couldn’t stop it, but I just ended up getting out a laugh I’m told.  typical me. I got a few steps backward & hit the ground.  I ended up being ok, but had a HUGE knot on my forehead.  Not exactly the best look for a fabulous picture…. so the hair got worked up to hide it best we could.  Still that is all I think of when I see this look.  That & the guy looks odd.  Again what was I thinking?

yes I wore gloves….

So yes I have an opinion that doesn’t seem to be shared with most & the media.  I expected more from a Royal Wedding Bride.  I’ve never been the bride, so I don’t exactly know what she went through in getting to that dress.  I know if it were me, I would have done it differently, but I also know I have my own regrets with dresses.  🙂


One thought on “Royal Pains… in choosing a dress

  1. I loved this post! I happened to like the simplicity of Katherine’s dress; it was reminiscent of Princess Grace’s of Monaco. Diana’s dress was a fairy tale fantasy and was the style for the early 80s. It was a LOT of froo-froo; pretty then, way overdone now.

    Your dresses weren’t bad. That black one with the feathers and the gloves reminds me of something one of my friends would’ve worn. 🙂

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