Powerful times

Today I am a roller coaster of emotions.

Spent the night wondering about the approaching storms.  Curious when it would come to my area? What I should do if it really hit hard?  Even slept with the weather service alerts playing.  Heck I even slept in pants & a top I wouldn’t feel bad in if I had to wear them the next day in public. Just in case.   Baxter gave me a strange look when I didn’t take his collar off last night as we went to bed.  I typically take it off so he doesn’t snag it on the blankets but I didn’t want something to happen & me not get it back on him in time.  Also didn’t want him to get lost without a way to get back to me.  Worse than that I was worried about my mom.  She had some tests today with doctors & I was scared she wouldn’t get them done or be stuck in some horrible traffic.  Just worried.

But as far as I know, no one I know has been hit too hard by the storms.  We all seem to have gotten lucky.  Which is a great feeling, but still its scary to think how many were not so lucky.  How many just got up and had their lives changed forever or ended yesterday & today.  How powerful nature can be.  Gives me chills.

Tornado 261007

At one point today I took a break to go outside with Baxter.  The winds had already been howling up a storm and he seemed extra clingy.  Standing outside feeling the wind and watching the tree limbs dance, hearing the loose board on the fence slam, I though just how powerful a force you can’t even see is.  Typically, air just lingers and you forget its there.  But when it wants to be noticed LOOK OUT!

Thankfully things went smoothly & the danger passed.  In time to watch the NFL draft!  Panthers chose Newton as first pick, surprising no one.  What did surprise me was the guys crying.  Always gets me.  I felt emotional just watching them.  I can’t even fathom what all they are going through.  Working so hard for a dream and having it start to come true so publicly.  Gets me.  I wanted to give out hugs & I’m not a hugger.

So there in my Panthers jersey watching the 1st round of the draft unfold, I ended up finishing typing up the book!  A day earlier than expected.  I wanted to do a dance.

Now I don’t have to feel the least bit guilty when I go see Fast Five tomorrow.  Rewarding myself for knocking that out.  All 202 pages of it!  Still need to add in the cover art & get the final approvals / edits, but still feel accomplished.

Plus I go to bed now knowing that I have lined up two more days of work!  One as a server for a caterer at a wedding (pray I don’t dump food on anyone!) and believe it or not my old boss has asked me to come in to help out with some of the paperwork.  YUP you read that right.  I am going back for a day to help and frankly am looking forward to catching up!  I know I was angry before, but most of it was me.  Struggling with everything that had happened the previous year & the challenges I faced ahead.  I still believe  leaving was the best choice for me but its great to know there are no hard feelings.  We all have our ways of working, communicating & dealing with stress.

So to bed I go.

Tomorrow I got a hot date.

swoon. love it when he does that.

…with my handsome man & a car…


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