Careful what you wish for…

So in the past few months, I’ve been pretty open to letting the universe show me where I should be.  Trusting my gut & trying to find what really makes me happy rather than just being who I am expected to be.

One of the things that surprised me about writing this blog has been the comments & feedback I get (mostly offline for some reason, but still appreciated).  One of the biggest has been from my parents.  Both have taken time to tell me they thought I have a gift for words that is uniquely mine & they enjoy my writing.  Suggested I try to do more.  I brushed it off for the most part as being parents & a bit biased, even if they don’t exactly always flow with the compliments on how I live my life or think.  I savor those praises as they come.  Also I know it was their strict demand for excellent grades that helped me strive for good grades in English.

Old books

English seemed easy & interesting for me.  Don’t toss tomatoes but I was the dork in the black leather jacket who enjoyed diagramming sentences!  I find immense humor in the type of printed errors that end up on Jay Leno’s Headlines segment.  Helped to make up for the really bad ones in math I got from 3rd grade on.  For some reason I am dyslexic with numbers but not letters… & I had a bit of an attitude problem in high school.  Not the perfect recipe for achievement.  But live & learn.  I found ways to deal with math & calculators help immensely in cutting down on the numbers flipping on me.

But the compliments got me thinking.  The books I read, got me thinking.  Plus when I got my palm read, that was one big thing she picked up on.  That I had a lot of stories that needed to be told.  She suggested that writing might be something that would be in my future.  I never mentioned that I keep journals & this blog.  But all the things planted a seed.

Since deciding it was time to quit the job & wondering what to do next, I found myself thinking – I want to write a book.

So I put that out there.

I want to write a book.

My computer is filling with stories.  Most that don’t seem to go together.  There is the beginnings of a novel but mostly life stories.  Thinking sooner or later they will fall together if its meant to be.


Open Book

for the past 24 hours I have been typing like a mad woman….WRITING A BOOK.  One hundred twenty eight pages to be exact – so far… about half way done (give or take).

The kicker is its not MY book.

I met a local author who needed her manuscript retyped with the alterations added in once the proofreading had been finished.  She has entrusted me with her work.  So I have been learning the proofreading correction language that still looks slightly like hieroglyphics to me at times.  I’m working much more than 8 hour days, but its from the couch & I have a great couch mate who gives me snuggles when needed.

Its certainly not a long term job, but I am loving it.  Learning the proofreading symbols.  Reading a great book before anyone else even gets the chance!  Found someone who can share their experience & advice in getting published and keeping my typing speed up while being “out” of the office job.

Got to say I’m really feeling inspired.

Plus I can’t quit giggling about how – I once again got what I asked for, but I forgot to be detailed about it! Words have such power.

The Magic Book

One day I will learn.  Until then its just more stories to write later!


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