Its not easy being green

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song.  Course I always have loved that frog.  So many ways you can take it & such a great message.


Its EARTH DAY…. as if we have another option to live on another planet!  I could watch Wall-E or Avatar, but instead I will hum along to Kermit in my head & present a few items I adore that are eco-friendly!  As they say, it IS easy being green in some ways, even if they aren’t always the color green!

LOVE my glass water bottle. Very handy.

AIR CLEANING houseplants in colorful pots!

Hoping to get outside & enjoy some nature time today. 1st up another interview, check in with a friend & do start some laundry. I feel really lucky that I have an interview every day from Wednesday to next Wednesday, but I am starting to really long for more stability. Its hard to plan for the future without knowing if at any moment I fill land a job I really love & need to commit my days. No complaints. Just ready for my future to begin…. I think. 🙂 Certainly fun discovering more & more about what I do & don’t enjoy work wise. I have faith I will find something soon.


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