I’m Sofa King Ready

So the interview today was FANTASTIC! ….why is it always the ones you don’t expect that end up being the best?  I nearly didn’t go.  I got the worst headache & nearly just skipped it but I threw on some clothes & went anyway.  No big primp or fuss, just black pants, a button up shirt & a quick brush through the hair.  Honestly the job listing didn’t have me jumping.  Sounded a but too close to the scam ones.  BUT after I arrive, I got intrigued.  For starters the office didn’t have the office feel. More home like but professional.  The 3 people I met were incredible! I was already loving them & thinking – I want this, when it turns out one of my best friends is the brother of one of the people interviewing! Too funny.

Not positive I will get the position, but it felt great.  Like a few friends getting together to talk about work.  Comfortable.  My fingers are crossed.  What’s best will be.

Has to be a good sign that I saw Herbie the Love Bug on the way to the interview right? how bizarre!

how Earth Day fitting! & a good reminder to me.

Afterward I decided to check out a few places & ended up in Home Goods. Which is where I saw the sign above.  Also feel for a few more pieces, but didn’t need them so just the pictures for now at least.  Might have to add one of the bird feeders if I do land a job this week as a celebration!

fancy duster anyone?
love this bird feeder

BUT the really good find was this…

BIG funky tablecloths!

for a cheap price!

So I got 4 for a project I had hoped to do for a while now.

See a few years ago I got a sofa for free.  I LOVE FREE!  But frankly it wasn’t my color, so I tossed on a sheet to “MAKE IT WORK”.  Which was ok since with the birds & everything else it ended up easy to clean.

trust, I know those purples don’t go together….

But it has seen better days!  I have picked out a few I would like to replace it with but I would rather spend the money on the bedroom… plus I need to get the cash flowing positive again before I spend any real cash so have to make do.

I had toyed with the idea of recovering the cushions in the mean time since it was a cheaper option, but I had hoped to find some great fabric & spend a weekend using my sister’s industrial strength sewing machine since mine is  meant for more cotton than heavy duty decorator fabric.

These past couple of weeks have taken their tole on the couch.  Channel surfing will do that I guess. The rips started & that was the last straw for me. TIME FOR CHANGE.

UUUUGLIEST couch to still exist outside a dorm room

So I was thrilled to find the tablecloths.  Why not try something fun & spring like for a temporary fix?

Baxter was really confused why I was screwing up the comfy spot to cuddle

I live solo, so why not enjoy the moment by doing something girly. Go with the pink flowers for a season.  So I covered the cushions with the tablecloths. The fabric is soft but also water resistant….AKA easy to clean bird poop off which is a HUGE push in my house.

cute huh? works much better with those pillows

Gotta admit I am loving it.

& yes STILL working on the chandelier.  I believe I have burned off enough layers of skin to pay for it.  Also next up replace that wall hanging! But that is a whole ‘nother day!


3 thoughts on “I’m Sofa King Ready

  1. I LOVE what you did to your sofa! The covers look very nice and it’s a great face-lift. (Your sofa in raw form still looks better than this naugahyde recliner my husband had.)

  2. Thanks. Its not going to last forever, but it also cost less than $20 so I’m thinking could be fun to switch it up in a few months.

    ….or better yet maybe soon enough I will spring to replace this whole thing!

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