Thursday Taste

Although it could be a lot worse, today has not been my most favorite day ever.  BUT in the optimistic spirit I decided to end it focusing on a few things I am loving at the moment.

A bit of virtual retail therapy if you will since I will not be spending much cash anytime soon it seems.  Not sure how the interview went today… I might be ok with not getting it, but I think it would be very interesting if I did & frankly the two owners I interviewed with seem like people I could certainly spend time with each day & enjoy my life.  Loved them & the environment.  Still I know I was not on my A game since I had a headache & was feeling exhausted from a crazy night & all too early unnatural wake up call.  Even felt a panic attack starting at one point although I had popped my klonapin prior.  Sometimes it just creeps in.

I let go of the big box job.  Sincerely thanked them & hoping they find someone who will love working there.  Still the 3 am shifts once a week would not do much to help me regulate the insomnia! My heart wasn’t in it.  Sure its a paycheck, but how fair would it be to go work without giving it my all?  I do not need to dread going to work.

Does stink that I got emotional today thinking about how things are at the moment.  Miss the comfort of being in a relationship & feeling supported emotionally.  My family is there, but lets face it – we think opposite most of the time.  Miss the security of knowing what my bank accounts are going to be looking like.  Also still struggling with what I am doing with my life.  Shouldn’t I know what I want to do by now? Ug… all an experience & chance to grow I guess.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Til then…. I love these….

people who can actually have a closet like this... ah... to dream

White flooring... biggest improvement over this horrid carpet there ever could be

Still wishing for a new bed.

a 2011 Carolina Panthers schedule - hoping the lockout doesn't happen & I get to attend at least a game or two

Wishing I had the $12 to get this I post it on my bathroom mirror

freshly mowed lawn & memories of sunny days in this car

I know cliche, but I love this saying & water bottles… what a great reminder through the day

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