early birds eat worms, gross

I am NOT a morning person.  So why the heck did I see anything outside my eyelids before 6:30 am this morning? no idea.  Tried to fall back asleep. No luck.  So after an hour I hopped out of bed to see what awaited for the day.

First up coffee! Butter toffee coffee.  But for some reason my Keurig was punishing me.  It acted like it was working but NOTHING dripped out.  About the sixth time hitting the button I realized it wasn’t happening.  So I pulled out the kcup & unplugged it.  After replugging it whatever kink got worked out but it poured an EXTRA big cup! Oops.  Still once more & I got a cup of coffee.  ALMOST.

Turns out when I went to get the creamer I bought yesterday someone else had already tried my creamer! NO SEAL! GROSS.  Still I was determined so I got the powered milk from the waaaay back of the fridge (why do I even have any powered milk?) & whipped up some milk.  I added cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice thinking it would flavor it.  WARNING: Don’t try this at home.  Its disgusting.

Screw coffee.

But since I had the cinnamon, spice & milk mixture…. and by some alignment of the stars also had bread & eggs in the house, why not enjoy some french toast?  So I added egg to the milk & started heating up a pan while I got a couple slices of sourdough.  Soaking the bread in the milk mixture I started the butter in the pan.

It was when I got out the strawberries that I started smelling the smoke! A LOT OF SMOKE!  So I quickly took the pan outside & opened the windows.  What the heck, why not add some cardio to the morning!?!

Thankfully the birds are all safe even if their lungs are super sensitive to anything in the air & there was a haze in the house.

Not sure why or how that pan heated up so fast.  I had the stove eye on medium! But this is why I like to leave cooking early to the professionals (why didn’t I just go to Chris’ Cosmic Kitchen this morning?).  The second pan turned out better & soon I was munching on some delish french toast with sliced strawberries & maple syrup.

Mercury is certainly still in retrograde, but I have faith things will be improving very soon.

Maybe the chaos is out of the way & the rest of the day is smooth sailing.  Hoping so.

For the moment, I can take a lesson from Baxter. Change locations & get back to relaxing.

The Perfect Seat


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