Forget You

Today is one of those days I only wish I could forget.

Woke up after about 4 hours of sleep to hear my dad’s horse of a dog ate the tomato plant he stressed out getting & had me plant along with some flowers for my mom yesterday.  No doubt those flowers days are numbered.  Pain in the ass? yes.  But whatever his dog, his plant, if he doesn’t care why should I?

Had plans to meet a friend from high school for lunch so after he left to take the beast on a walk, I hopped in the shower.  Not sure Baxter knew where I went & I know he gets separation anxiety when he can’t find me, so maybe that’s why he barked at them coming back from the walk.  Either way as I’m toweling off & hear the sound that sparks fear in any dog owner – the fight.

3 dogs involved.

ONE dog bleeding – BAXTER.

One pissed off me? absofukinglutely.

I can’t take a shower & not worry if others can maintain for 10 minutes? Bullshit.  Were it anyone but my father’s dog, animal control would be called since this isn’t the 1st time she has been out of control.  Sure Baxter didn’t back down, but he also doesn’t have very many teeth & is all of 20 something not 90 something pounds.  The damage he can do is NOTHING compared to hers. Sure a crazy dog is funny but there is a line they cross into out of control.  My sister has a HUGE dog, but he is a gentle giant.  Molly is a massive moron & who has never been taught the word “no”.

To avoid saying A LOT of things while in mama grizzly mode I might regret later & bringing up issues that may not be seen as having to do with the dog fight, I packed my shit as fast as humanly possibly & with hair dripping wet flew down the highway home.

Got home to find neither the regular key or the spare would work the lock.  Also found the grass is higher than I remembered & the fence is busted in a nice dog sized hole in the back! yup the back neighbors have an aggressive dog too that WILL have the authorities called if they let it set foot in my back yard again – it has shown teeth at me when it got through the fence last time – which I repaired.  GREAT.  Thankfully the key worked in the back door so maybe the front deadbolt lock swelled from the storm while I was away?  Who knows.

I’m really over today & hoping that I can get it together to be nice & more me tomorrow for an interview.  At the moment I am just struggling to find a reason for any of it.  Why even bother?

I no longer feel like dealing with this place.  I no longer feel safe going back to visit my mom & have had it with my Dad babying his lil golden child.

I’m over it all.

All I know is there is one lil guy with a bitten ear I need to wash & cuddle a little more & we both could use some sleep after this day.

At the moment it kind of feels like he is the only one left.


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