Play me like a song

So inspired by GlutenHatesMe’s post (really lady cereal & beer? love ya!), I thought I would do a quick post on what the first 10 tunes were that popped up on my iPod!  Thankfully it wasn’t anything too  crazy.

220110 - iLove

Where Does the Good Go? – Tegan & Sara
Eat for Two – 10,000 Maniacs
Glory – Liz Phair
Sleazy – Ka$ha
Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – David Gray
Stolen Car – Beth Orton
Who’d Have Known – Lily Allen
Free – Sarah Brightman
the Wreckoning – Boomkat

Love these glimpses into the soundtracks we hear in our own worlds.

Anyone care to share the 10 songs that pop up for you?  Share them in the comments or leave a comment to your blog if you post one there.  🙂

Few more sips of coffee, a shower & I think I will be off to listen through some headphones if I can find some quarters for the parking at the beach!


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