Void. Of Course

So today the moon is void of course & frankly so is my life at this point.

Hoping that is feeding into my mood along with Mercury’s retrograde ramble into rancid.  Who knows. Life just needs MAJOR readjustments.

I’m so sick of looking at the same things over & over from the past & thinking I have it all worked out only for them to reappear needing confrontation & acceptance again.  Why can’t the past just stay in the past?

& why do I continue giving anyone the benefit of the doubt? Walls are invented for reasons.

royal combination

All I want is a life with respect.  Honestly and consideration aren’t that much to ask.  Seems like all I get are condescension and half truths.  What I want to hear is not always pretty, but I want to hear the truth.  I can adjust to plan for bull shit, but inflated expectations should never be encouraged.  I’m just going to try to lay low and breathe til I can feel like I actually have a conversation with a human again.

Which seems to fit in with some advice for the day:

“Virgo  By Rick Levine:  A playful conversation may turn into a rather serious argument today. What upsets you most is someone acting like a know-it-all, bending reality for an apparently selfish purpose. You don’t have much tolerance for anyone who spouts facts that are blatantly untrue. Unfortunately, a fight to the finish could do more harm than good. It may be wiser to wait until everyone’s emotions have settled down before continuing the discussion.”

Laurie Cabot – “Monday April 11: Wear white. Stay home if you can, don’t confront anyone today.”

Virgo:  “Finish projects that have been hanging over your head. Don’t back down but don’t ignite the situation. You won’t have to look for the action.”

Maybe one day in my next life I will be in a place were I can learn to trust in others.  Certainly isn’t going to be right now.


LIES is only one letter away from FLIES… that shit you are laying out its going to start to stink & then we all will see and know exactly what it is you are.


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