Castle Wanted in far far away

Went to bed frustrated with life. Wake up frustrated with life.

Even in my dreams I am stumbling.  Although being at Walt Disney World & meeting an adorable guy helped.  Still so many symbols & issues came up that already I am exhausted from my sleep.

So bring on the coffee – Cinnamon Roll this morning.  Ate some pancakes.  Now its me time.  I have GOT to figure out a few things.  Sick of plans not working out.  Time to regroup & re-prioritize.

Since I can’t afford to move to a new place (although Florida keeps calling me) or redo this cramped house, I have to find a way to be ok with life as is.  Still I’m too stubborn to be ok with settling. I want what I want.  Is that they key to everyone being happy? settling? Seriously? Then what was the point of all those dreams.  My head spins.

I ditched the unemployment plan when I accepted the job that I just turned down… so maybe its time to rethink.  Set a few more points to aim at.  But what?

Not sure if I should just chill & let it all go today or stress out the details and make a better plan.


One thought on “Castle Wanted in far far away

  1. Sorry things have been going rough for you lately. I think it just takes some time and introspection to get to the point of contentment. In a way it could be viewed as settling, but I choose to look at as settling for the moment since it doesn’t necessarily preclude dreams. Definitely a rough road, but worth it in the end. Many people spend their whole lives afraid to venture down that way and instead just suppress it for decades until they have a mid-life crisis. You’ll get through. *hugs*

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