Beach, Belles & Booze

in other words… one perfect Friday!

Started the day relaxing a bit with a great cup of Chocolate Glazed Donut coffee straight from my beloved…. ah Keurig, you don’t let me down.

Then it was off to the craft store. Sadly discovered the one item I need is $20! I was thinking more around $12… so I left & headed out to the beach for some reading & relaxing.


Why don’t I do this more since I am not working at the moment? Although the price of parking seemed a bit insane. $2 for an hour? Still an hour ended up being more than my back needed. Guess I should have gotten a better base tan before actual sun time. Oops.

After my sun fun I stopped in to see if another craft store had the item cheaper. Sadly nope. Same price BUT they only had one left & it was opened. I also noticed that 2 extra blades to go with the cutter were missing. Then it hit me…. this could be my chance to get it more affordable. So I found a manager & explained that it was the last one & missing the 2 extra blades. Would there be any way to get it discounted? Besides what would they do with it? Toss it? Send it back? Luckily she was happy to mark it down 40% & even check to make sure the cutter had the blade inside since it was already missing the 2 others. So…. I got it for $12 after all! SWEET!

Next up for the day – Belles & Booze! A friend invited me down to Wilmington Wines to the 1st annual alternative to the standard Azalea fest garden party. At first I thought, no way. I can’t spend any more money for the day…but the wine tasting is free there every Friday – including for the event! So I hopped in the shower & searched for a hat. Funny enough the only hat to be located in my house would never fit in at the garden party but I took it anyway! Seemed more me…

yes... I got more use out of my mouse ears!

Saw a few familiar faces & tasted a few new wines. Will definitely have to come back. The wine tasting was a wonderful way to try new wines & the selection there was incredible! Affordable & very tempting. BUT I did good. I went home early & without splurging on a few bottles. (although I really wanted to bring a couple back!)

tonight's tasting line up

Baxter was thrilled to see me again. So after a beer with a friend on her porch just a couple of houses down, I am ready to cuddle up with the pug & just watch a movie before bed.

first a few shots of the Belles & Booze crowd…


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