…and scene

Yesterday was aaahh-may-zing!

I had a blast as an extra on a TV pilot set. Started earlier than normal & with one heck of a storm clearing through, but it was a thrill.

The storm meant a change in the line up of shots for the day which lead to a bit of chaos for the crew lining everything & everyone up. Still I didn’t care.

The main thing I heard from others about being an extra was “Be prepared to sit around & wait a lot.” so I was! Took a book, but I barely read any of it. Just enjoyed watching the people & getting to know new people. The biggest disappointment of the day was really having to listen to other people complain about having to wait. Really? I just heard you comparing this set’s catering to one you worked on last week’s & you are appalled at having to wait? Heeeeello? Your job is as an EXTRA, which means you are extra & therefore not needed. Wanted, but replaceable.  The shot does NOT revolve around you.  Just enjoy the moment.

Honestly I was treated wonderfully & they even moved us inside when not needed to a holding room with more comfy tempts & snacks instead of leaving us to wait in the tents. I don’t have a clue how they can herd that many people around & get everything else done, but they do.

It was great! Sure it lasted 10 hours & I wasn’t free to come and go as I wanted, but it was an experience. One that in most places & for most people doesn’t come that often.  I was excited being a part of it all.  Even got into acting a bit in the background – silently as instructed.  Never thought it was my thing, especially being goofy with strangers, but who knew?

Ok there was one OTHER little thing I didn’t enjoy…

yup. Port-a-potties.  Gross.  Alas my butt needed coffee to be up & functioning at that time of day being a bit out of the habit, so of course I had to “enjoy” a visit to these.  After that I promised myself not to drink any more til I got home!  Still it was nice to have them around… at least I didn’t have to ask to be driven or walk a mile to go!

My feet may hate me for being in high heeled boots 10 hours, but I LOVED it.  So much so that I am hoping to do it again sometime.  Nope I will never be some professional actress, but I have a greater respect for what they do! It was really cool to see all the cameras & lights working.  I would LOVE to be able to play with them just to get the perspective & see what all they can see, but all that pressure would be intense!

No spoilers.  I can keep secrets. 🙂

But there may or may not be a TV show coming up that I will be sure to mention.  If it does get picked up, I will be finding a way to get a copy of the pilot just in case I can be seen!

nope no stars or anything secret but it was a set! exciting!




4 thoughts on “…and scene

  1. Sounds like you had fun.
    Peter’s brother John Starr is an extra in Hollywood, he has a blog spot with some funny stories if you are interested.

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