I’m All Set


Days like this thankfully only happen once in a while.  Otherwise they might lose their magic.

So about that decision that needed to be made… I got my answer.

indecision dice

Basically I was having a really hard time deciding to take a job or let it go to someone else.  The bonus would have been benefits & a great employer, but the downside was a bit too much for me.  Low pay, long hours & leaving the pug & birds alone for anywhere from 10 to 11 hours a day.  The 8 hour day, plus hour lunch wasn’t so bad.  It was only after I figured out it would take 30 minutes on a good day to get there that it hit me how long a time this would be leaving the pets solo.  Add to that only one road reaching the place – which also doubles as ocean front beach (aka slow as anything tourist route).  So in the season, who knows how long it would take to get there.  All for a job that really wasn’t that special to me & low pay.

Baxter says stay home! (He so misses that bed!)

It was sometime during a freak out Thursday trying to decide if passing up a job in this economy of few jobs that I asked for help.  A sign.  A specific sign.  Today I got that sign.  So I feel a bit better knowing I am doing what’s best for me (& the crew).  Sure its passing up money, but at least I don’t feel like I already have one foot out the door.  I free them to find someone who will see this as the perfect job for them.  Besides I have full faith that soon one of the million other jobs I have applied for will come true.

Sure I may have to take one that isn’t my dream job, but hopefully it will be closer to home.  Or higher paid so that I can afford doggie day care if Baxter can’t come with me. Things will work out.  I know they will.

So tomorrow instead of processing paperwork & doing the FINAL in what seemed to be a never ending round of background checks, etc., I am going to be doing the quintessential Wilmington fall back job.  Yup! Hollywood East Extra work!  Sure its a day gig, but it pays & what could be more fun that dressing up & waiting around all day? 🙂

One more item off the Life List.  I regret to say I have lived in this area since 1995 & never done any actual extra work for the local film/TV industry.  I worked a bit with friends on films but never anything official!  No details but I’m off to figure out what to wear & what book to take.  From everything I know about being an extra, I’m going to need some distractions while I wait.  Still excited.  What else was I going to do for the day?

ready for a close up? heck no! But ready for fun!


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