…could be worse

So today Mercury turned & went retrograde again…. which seems to be the Murphy’s law of planetary line ups.  I used to really wonder why on earth things would get out of whack, but now I just chuk it up to Mercury.

Truly felt like the odds were against me today.  Woke to find there was an issue with some paperwork for a job (has anyone wondered why no “unemployment” check in this week?).  I have the job, as long as I can get security clearance & pass all the background checks.  Not really going to speak of it yet, but its there.  IF I can get through this chaos.  So the paperwork was rejected due to missing items.  Well the items were missing since they didn’t give me options to state what was needed & I didn’t want to misrepresent the facts – ex. I am currently unemployed, but not filing for unemployment, etc.  BUT the kicker was I got the notice when I woke around 8:30 & although I could access EVERY other website in the world, the ONE I needed to get on would not work for anything!  I kept trying & trying, until around 12:30 when I had to leave to meet up with the tax preparer.

Oh yes… taxes.  Since I was getting a pro to do them, it dawned on me I would need to print out at least a W-2! Tried to.  Printer out of ink & refusing to function.  I JUST reloaded the ink! Well the ones for photo & color printing but evidently it needed the BIG black one instead of the smaller black one.  The ONLY one I didn’t think to pick up the other day.  😦

So I loaded everything on a USB memory stick & rushed off to make it to my appointment in the cold pouring rain.  Got there just in time to listen to the other guy talking to someone about how much he charges & how the guy down the street is just giving away too much….(can I get his name? I should be there getting the freebies!)  My agent came out & seemed nice.  I explained I usually do my own taxes but with all the medical stuff in the past year thought it might be better to have them done.  She immediately decided to tell me all about her experience with breast cancer & her husband’s medical treatments.  When we got to my taxes & she asked about current work, she decided to open up about a situation her son went through with a job he ended up leaving…. huh? All I said was I left since it wasn’t the job for me right now.  Still amazes me how much some strangers open up when you stay quiet & just let them.  I wanted to let her talk since she evidently needed to, but I just wanted to find out how much work I was going to have to do to get my taxes filed on time!

In the end we did finally get around to discussing the taxes & discovered she didn’t have the capabilities to use the USB memory to get the file! What computer DOESN’T have a USB port? I had to find a copy online from the bank the company did payroll with.  FINALLY she estimated the same figures I did, but was going to charge WAY more to get there.  So I decided to just file my own.  When it came to the health documents, I wanted to know what I needed to prove the cost.  Her response of “you DO HAVE a CHECKBOOK don’t you?” didn’t impress me.  Actually I have a debit card, but I also have a couple of credit cards I had to use to help cover the costs…. should have known when she didn’t even want to enter my email address in the program since “we don’t need that” she wasn’t exactly up on the latest trends.  Oy!

When I got home, the link at least worked.  I even was able to make a warm comforting meal without any real injuries…. other than the under cooked biscuit topping on the chicken pot pie.  Oh well I am getting back into the habit of cooking.

So taxes files.  Paperwork resubmitted.  Groceries bought.  Dinner made… & I am truly disenchanted with the situations of the moment.

Some say the best life is having the perfect house (for you), perfect partner (for you) & the perfect job (for you)…. I’m in my thirties & have zip zilch & nada.  Sad thing is, at this point I really don’t have the hope for them either. The even sadder thing is I don’t even care tonight….

BUT as Scarlet says… tomorrow, new day, blah blah…. yah.  I hope so.

My goals are going to be TINY tomorrow.  Set myself up to succeed.  Get up & drink coffee.  At some point eat leftovers.  Then look for another job since this one is already not what I had hoped… not shutting the door, but seriously 2nd thinking things.  The end of April can not come soon enough for me.

3 thoughts on “…could be worse

  1. Maybe Mercury was messing me up a while back. Don’t worry about the perfect things. They’ll come when they should otherwise they won’t be perfect.

    • I’m thinking my perfect & THE PERFECT just aren’t the same.

      But it is quite frustrating at the moment wondering what to focus on. I feel like I know what I want, but what I want & what I SHOULD go for are not quite in-line. Need to decide to play safe, or just go crazy. 🙂

      For now, its pug snuggles & relaxing.

      Ca sera sera…

  2. Good Morning , hope today roles better for you. Yes tiny expectations always make a great day.
    I have the coffee part started.

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