Just relax a bit longer

Sunset and Relax

ok. I know. I’m slipping really close to becoming that pathetic person who just stays home in PJs and has no life past the fridge. I’ve been that person… not going back there…or to the guy who broke my heart & had me there after a brutal break up about a decade ago.

But I do see the value in another day of hibernation.

Not to mention eating at home is free. Although the taste is no where nearly as good as the food I would prefer to be eating in the restaurants. Guess I need to get back into the habit of cooking… & grocery shopping!

Which HAS to happen soon.  Along with ditching my obsessing over the scale, I have evidently ditched my ability to keep the pounds off.  A couple of pictures from different places over the weekend confirmed that I am not exactly doing much in this vacation.

So last night I decided today would be the start of “BACK ON TRACK”…. let the healthy habits begin again.

So I looked into Sparkpeople to track calories & everything else, but then decided I wanted something fresh.  Enter MyFitnessPal! Signed up last night & started tracking my food today.  Breakfast was ok, oatmeal & coffee (going to limit the sugar) but lunch wasn’t as good – dang mac & cheese!  But I always take the first couple of days on a pedometer or in tracking food as a was to establish a baseline.  So while I may not be eating the normal take out, I’m not going straight into low calorie coma either.  So slowing down the calorie intake to adjust.

Also am wearing the pedometer again.  Thankfully it still works… unlike my scale.  Hoping its the batteries, but since I don’t have any extra AAA ones laying around, I don’t know.

As a sign of the times, I had to laugh at myself when I tried to recharge the batteries I pulled from the scale only to figure out that they were not the rechargeable ones!  Well.  At least I have one good habit happening in this house.  So when I do make it out the house, I need to get groceries & AAA batteries.

But for now.  I will just enjoy more time with the girls….

with at least one episode today being viewed from my treadmill!


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