Oh What A Night

Friends are truly the cream on the cupcake.

Thankfully I am lucky to have a few wonderful ones….even if we don’t all live in one city, or state… or even country.

When we are lucky enough to get together, well those moments are memories treasured for a lifetime.

Such was last night.  My 1st Roller Derby bout followed by party time downtown.  Insanity and laughter and glitter in the air…. and all over EVERYTHING!

Sadly like all intense nights, there is the down swing.

The morning after, the jealous people who would rather we not enjoy ourselves & of course the silly immature things that tend to embarrass us by the light of day.

…like broken cell phones that barely hold together yet work well enough to send drunken text to guys that share waaaaay more information than I should have about how confusing it can be to have a shadow lurking just outside the realms of friendship.

Thankfully there are always good friends to be there sharing the pain.

& Sex and the City marathons snuggled on the couch with the pug with large glasses of water!  (even if it does hit a tad too close to home at times)


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