Delightful Dog Days

I had big plans to make something of today.

Spend a Friday off shopping, exploring, doing all those things I could never do with a 9-5 job.

Then I decided to get caught up on the shows I missed while I was attending Twestival last night, winning prizes, eating delicious food & meeting/catching up with local friends all in the name of raising funds & awareness for the local food bank!  So I started with Grey’s Anatomy.  I won’t give anything away, but DANG…if that dramatic stuff happened to me that often, I would MOVE away from Seattle Grace, Seattle… heck maybe leave the country! They never get a break, but if they did it would be a boring show & I must remember its all fake anyway.

Part way though I decided to start tackling the laundry threatening to overtake my bathroom.  A certain shadow tailing me the whole time.  As soon as I sat back down, he hopped up on my lap & start snoring away.  Its so sweet the way he just totally relaxes when he cuddles.  So tiny & warm, just happy to be close to me & comfortable knowing I’m here.

so sweet

So no shopping.  No exploring. Just snuggles.

Besides can’t exactly do this everyday with a 9-5, so this counts as living it up.

Who can resist this?

…..dreaming away the day, pug by my side….what better way to spend the day?

Sheila Bridges: Luxe damask wallpaper in bedroom, from Elle Decor

Purple Damask


Summer Dream Kitchen

Coastal Guest Bedroom Secret


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