A Place In The Sun

Today the world lost a woman of great spirit and charcter.  One who didn’t seem to care what the crowd thought, but who lived her life by her own rules.  She supported her friends and used her influence to care for others before it was fashionable to do so.  Elizabeth Taylor will certainly be missed.

Just hours after learning of her passing, I got word that hit some primal nerve within me and I got enraged.  Not really sure why it pissed me off so badly but learning that the “christians’ of westboro church are already planning to protest a funeral that has yet to be finalized sent me over the edge.  I really don’t understand how there are people so filled with judgmental hate that they see making a scene at a funeral as a good idea.  They claim that by advocating gay right & having multiple divorces, she is not deserving of a peaceful funerl.  I just don’t get it.  I also couldn’t shake it either.

I found myself in one of those moods where try as I might I just wanted to scream and forget humanity existed.

So I hopped in the car to escape.  Half way to Myrtle Beach, I found myself wiping tears of angry sadness from my eyes.  Many injustices have happened in the name of faith, but I will never understand why people can’t just agree to disagree.  How can there be a power so great that it creates so many various places, animals, things and types of people…. yet only made one path to follow? I don’t see the reality of that. 

I catch myself sometimes doing the judgment.  I will meet someone new who proclaims they are baptist, pentecostal, etc. and for a moment I think “oh great, we aren’t going to get along” but typically I end up liking the person.  Over all most people are kind and caring, no matter what their belief system.  In every religion there are extremeist acting in the name of their beliefs, as misguided as they often appear to the rest of us.  I want to be understanding and think, well maybe that is the way they are called/enpowered/needed to act, but when it comes to bashing others or intruding on the rights – funeral rights especially – I can’t take it lightly.

I know I should just be forgiving & think positive.  Send them healing love to surround and protect them, love the enemy and all that, but sometimes you just want to slap them upside the head & yell “wake up! do you even realize how MEAN spirited you are being?”  Don’t they see how it makes the entire group look?

I once had a lady who came to the place I worked at the time & would question people about their beliefs.  She would inquire into your attendance at what church (had to be the right one) & how you lived your life.  Couple of times I even caught her holding prayer sessions in the aisles with people she had debated with.  I thought, ackward but if that is what makes them happy so be it.  Consenting adults, have fun.  Sometimes she would hound people who didn’t share her beliefs & didn’t care to.  One particular time I remember her screaming at a cashier who claimed not to be religious & after several attempts to start a debate she called the cashier some pretty nasty names and slammed her items on the counter & walked out claiming to know where the cashier was heading in the afterlife!  Shaken the cashier just stood there wide eyed & silent.  The next customer in line happened to be a minister, although in plain clothes you’d never know it.  That minister said the most appropriate thing that day “Christians like her try to make us all look bad.  If we all acted that way the church would be empty!”  We all laughed.

Such truth though.  We all share this earth & for the most part share the common belief in respecting others.  So how to deal with all the conflicting definitions of living the good life?


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