From Soldering Irons to Curling Irons

So much is happening in my world.

Today I made a big decision.  More details to follow but lets just say many years ago my Dad did something on March 22 & today I did something very similar!  Just like my Dad… again.  I am perfectly fine with that.

Also I got inspired today to get to working again on soldering some pendants.  I couldn’t find the one I made myself… too much packing & unpacking over the holidays & lately I guess.  Got out the soldering iron & got totally frustrated.  It didn’t seem to want to get hot enough to melt the metal!  If it doesn’t melt the metal I certainly can’t spread the metal…  so off to Lowes!  I got a higher heat iron & also brought home a few new friends.

Hi pretty lil HIbiscus... I already love you so.

I got a couple of Stargazer lilies & a hibiscus plant for the front yard!  Also sprinkled some garden soil and a container I had of mixed flowers.  Maybe in a couple of weeks this is going to look less BLAH and more AHHHH.

Hoping the hibiscus grows to somewhat fill in that central void.

So on with the day.  So much to figure out & do in the next few days.

One of the interviews I went on didn’t go so great & I didn’t get that offer in at least a large part to me looking a bit disheveled from the stupid wind!  I love the new hair length but I am still trying to figure out how to make it look just right.  Casual I have down, but getting it to flip at the right places (or rather not) is a challenge.  I more of a just let it dry, brush & go girl, but its worth playing around with.

However being the wash & go gal, I don’t actually have any real hair tools.  I tried playing with my mom’s but I just got all tangled up.  At a couple of points I thought I was going to need a pair of scissors to get out of the bathroom with out having to unplug!  My hair actually did curl around the bangs area, but it looked REALLY old & slightly like some creepy porcelain doll’s hair.

I REALLY don't have a clue how to use this...

So it got me thinking…  I should try to see about learning what in the world to do with these locks.  Maybe the curling iron would come in handy when going for something important… like an interview!  Curling the ends under can’t be that hard  – with the tools!  So tonight I took a break from going through all my tax paperwork (trying to figure out just how much I spent on medical bills last year… not enjoying the adding up of it all!) and ventured to my favorite girly grown up candy store – ULTA!

Thought I would just look at them, but of course I took the coupon I had just in case…. & I found one that looked great, reasonably priced AND came with a mini-flat iron that is sure to come in handy especially with traveling!  So I went for it.  Who knows they may be a piece of crap, but it was cheaper than I thought it was going to be & worth trying.  Could be interesting trying to go for that Marilyn look after all!

OPI's Shatter!

Also discovered they must have just gotten in a shipment of OPI’s Shatter nail polish!!  They were out last time I went.  I know, I know… its pretty much the 2011 version of hypercolor tees & mood rings, but I have been seeing people talk about this stuff all over & REALLY wanted to try it out.  So I got some.

First you have whatever polish you want on & completely dry!

perfectly pink... actually its "Vintage Violet"

Next up paint a layer of the Shatter.

looks blacker than black til it goes crack!

Then let it dry & watch it crack!  Follow up with a clear coat.

Fun stuff!

I figured out that the thinner layers work better for the shatter coat.  Otherwise you get more black… which could be what you want!

Its certainly a novelty & not something to wear everywhere, but its fun.  And what is the purpose of life if not for fun?

So now off to more fun.  A test run with a curling iron.  Then to start a new book.  LOVING that I am finally relaxing enough to read again.

Wonder what fun tomorrow will bring….  oh yeah more getting together of the paperwork to figure out these taxes.  fun fun fun

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