DIY me

Over the weekend I got a few projects started & continued working on a few.

One bright idea didn’t work out… yet… so I will spare you the details on that one.  Lets just say I was inspired by the supermoon.

Thankfully I got the chandelier working again WITH THE ROUND BULBS!

No more faux flame bulbs for me any more! Call me crazy, but those shapes were not fooling anyone into thinking those were candles.

AMAZING how much a change in bulb shape can improve!

Already liking it more.  I have a few more ideas to help me hate it less.  One being that I would REALLY like to paint it black or maybe chrome, brushed nickel? The gold or bronze just doesn’t work with anything else in this house.  Still I haven’t quite figured out how to paint it with it hanging.  Also not quite up for hiring an electrician at the moment to get it down.  😦  If I do that I might as well spring for something I actually like & get a pendant lamp to replace it with.

Another project I got completed was less functional & more just personalization and play.

I discovered there was PURPLE chalkboard paint CHEAP at the craft store! I have want to play with chalkboard paint for a while, having watching the wonderful things that other bloggers have done with it.  Still I waited… til I found the purple.  Then I just couldn’t pass it up.

Baxter has a jar for his dog treats that has a chalkboard label where I wrote his name.  So I thought it only fair to add the personalization to the bird seed jars!

I need to work on my "pretty" chalk writing!

More to come, hopefully tomorrow I can get a couple more projects knocked out.  Time is just slipping away from me it seems.


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