Ever have days where you know exactly what you are going to do only to wake to find, that the world has other ideas….

Today is that day for me I am discovering & I am loving that rather than grumbling about the “need to”s, “Should do”s & “have to or else”s, I am allowing my muses to sing & dance.

I woke after an amazing dream & got started on the day as normal, dog out, birds fed, coffee going…. I think the thoughts started shifting away from the on track when while waiting for the dog to come in I saw the Cadbury creme eggs I bough yesterday on the counter as I sipped my Wake Up Call cup of coffee. I thought, eggs for breakfast? don’t mind if I do! & giggled knowing how childlike I was acting & not caring a bit.  As I reached for the less than healthy breakfast I wondered, what could my coffee be like if I placed one in the bottom of the cup before setting it under the Keurig & having the hot fresh coffee spill over on the chocolaty egg, melting it down?  Thought that’s silly no one does that.

But then thought… why not?  We add sugar & cream… sometimes even chocolate flavored cream, why not?

Then it was on to check the facebook, emails, twitter & the connections to the world.  Several people commented on a few things & I started listening to podcast as I sometimes do as I start the day like this.

Its as I open an email & see a link to a shop selling crystals that I realize the podcast is also talking of crystals (tends to, one of the things I love about it!).  The stone she is mentioning this week is also on the page amongst others on the page…. petalite.

Petalite is a vision stone.  Brings self love and opens us up to connecting with our guardian angels/spirits.  Heals emotional trauma.  Dissolves negative energy.  Enhances ability to feel energy.

Ok spirit, what have you got up your sleeve now?  I get the hint.  I listen.  As I listen I realize as much as I do open up to things, I don’t.

I still often find myself disconnected…. by my own hands.

Used to say that I shouldn’t see or feel things because it wasn’t right.  My mother and grandmother acknowledged gifts we share but warned that they can be very bad & should be suppressed.  The more open we are the more chances bad energy will come in.  This having come from my great grandmother, an eastern Cherokee (which we only learned after my grandmother’s death, because back then it wasn’t respected being “white” made life easier), who saw unfortunate events & suffered great sadness from the fact that many times you don’t have the power to stop the events.

I for whatever reason believe that gifts are there for reasons.  To not use them is to deny their purpose.  …that being said… why don’t I use mine & develop mine more? I don’t know.

I have felt the pain of the connections.  Heartstrings isn’t just a metaphor.  There are connections in life that are very strong.  I used to know when my grandmother’s shoulder would be giving her problems even though I was in NC & she was in Southern Florida.  I would FEEL it.  I knew when my uncle was dying because I felt it.  I know it wasn’t comfortable gasping for breath, but he did gain peace he hadn’t had in a long time.  Its scary.  But isn’t life?

Its terrifying the first time we get into the car and turn the key & zoom into the already moving traffic.  Its scary when we start a new job or new school not knowing what lies ahead.  Its frightening meeting someone new on a 1st date.  The potential for what could lie ahead being greater is why we force ourselves forward.  That & we know we aren’t alone in our overcoming.

Over the past year I have been incredibly blessed in meeting new people.  I had my first official past life regression and was amazed at the vivid picture it gave.  I was a bit skeptical, but it was quite an experience.

Some how I stumbled upon a new podcast & found myself put at ease by the host.  They come across as very confident and positive.  Matter of fact rather than sensational.  I grew to find the hour long podcast, felt more like 20 minutes as the words resonated.  They encouraged me to get back into meditating & reconnect with some skills I have put aside.  I

also visited my 1st medium gallery & had someone speak with a loved one, not one I had expected to hear from, but they were dead on (excuse the pun) no less that had some valuable insights & knowledge that no one could have guessed.

One of the positive things that has come from being attacked & having to slow down to heal is that I have pushed myself to kick a few things off my life list (bucket list are for people who want to wait for the last few moments to live!).  Its through that that I have made time to do the ghost gallery, the palm reading & the past life stuff.  Just as an experience to say I did it & tried it.  But its all found a spot that rings truth to me that I need to be open to my gifts again.

It also reminds me that its not that uncommon.  Many people share similar experiences.  Many people open up to the messages and instincts.  We do not live in the age where the hint of practicing anything remotely odd will find us being tested to see if we sink or float in water.  Maybe the witchhunts are over?

Doubt it.  I do reside in the crotch of the bible belt….. but this town I have found myself in is a bit of a pocket of something special.  Feels comforting.  Like a place to grow into who we are instead of hiding from it.  I feel supported and stronger in loving who I am instead of just wondering why & am I nuts?  Its feeling more and more like some piece of my puzzle.  Doesn’t define me or make me different, but by not repressing or denying my instincts, I am better able to find balance within.

A word I keep stumbling on today is illuminating.  I for whatever reason keep seeing it!  Its on a blog about a DYI project, its on a piece of make up I just applied, it seems to be everywhere…..

So today I am going along with this & will try to embody illumination.  I am opening myself up to experience what may be.  For I am not alone.  I have GREAT teachers and friends who share similar life paths in their own ways with their own gifts of illumination.

Time to feel, heal & grow.

Oh life, what on earth have you got planned now…..   🙂


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