Unemployed Week Two & Three Check In

yah… that challenge I set for myself…. kinda hard to keep up with lately.

With visiting friends & family the last week & half has been a blur.

I really haven’t spent that much, or worked out that much.
I have had several interviews but nothing really wonderful.

So the plan.

1. Work out at least 4 times a week 30 minutes – nope.  this is getting old. I have the time.  I have a treadmill, shoes & everything I need.  I have GOT to get motivated & just start the habit back.
2. Keep waking up by 8:30 for at least 5 days – the alarm hasn’t even been near me much.
3. Apply for a minimum of 4 jobs every day – nope. being away from my computer has not encouraged getting this done! But I have had pretty good response from a few submissions of the resume & quite a few scams that have contacted me.  Getting better at spotting them at least.
4. Work on improving the house a minimum of 7 hours each week – does dreaming & planning count?
5. Each week either attend a educational course, complete a training online or do some sort of research in the library – I made it to a time management class last week & although I would love to count the IKEA excursion as a research trek, I won’t.  I do have something planned for this week that should pan out, so I’m giving this a green light.
6. List at least seven new things to sell each week (Etsy or other) – Week Two was a no go, but this week I have completed this & am thinking of having a yard sale or maybe look into ebay selling a few things.  May even make up for last week & the week before!
7. Read a minimum of 4 hours each week – this is getting easier & easier each week.  I still haven’t found myself getting lost for a whole day or night in a book, but I am loving it when I get started!  Going to need a new book soon.  Been reading the Carrie Diaries & also rereading what might be my favorite book ever – Who Ordered this Truckload of Dung by Ahajn Brahm.
8. Meditate daily – still not daily, but getting back into the swing of it.  Easier to do at my house.  I had a vision of me going off into the woods at my parents place & meditating amongst the trees.  Complete nature submersion.  Unfortunately the 2nd night I was there I heard a pack of coyotes going nuts just outside the fence…. that sound was enough to make me think twice.  They say I would be fine, but not to take Baxter.  ….I’m not convinced.
9. Live on $100 a week – who knows where I am with this one!! I haven’t been good about tracking expenses, but staying with my parents helped out big time.  They wouldn’t let me pay for anything other than a pack of cinnamon rolls at IKEA! Even bought me a tank of gas. So sweet.  Next week I will track this better.

I have a few ideas in store to fix some of the reds…. but all in all I am feeling great!

Had an appointment with my psychiatrist today.  Last night when I realized how much has happened since the last time I saw him, I got scared.  Would he think I was nuts? We talked before about how I felt trapped in life with so many things I was struggling to deal with that I couldn’t change.  Can’t change the past or some things in life. I mentioned that I was trying to figure out how to do a bedroom renovation.  He said it was a good distraction, but he would be worried if I was doing some major renovations right now.  What would he think of me quitting my job, chopping off my hair, etc.

Amazingly he mentioned how happy and alive I looked.  He thought it was great that I took control of an aspect that I could change & said the goals I had set were good ones.  I was doing everything he would suggest during this time.  I was being realistic & he was happy I was enjoying the time instead of stressing.  Even suggested that when I do get a job I put off the start date as long as I could to savor every moment I could.   HUH??? COOL!!! IS that a prescription??  ha ha  (Just teasing Mom & Dad, I am still very much looking for work!)

I mentioned that I was being restrictive and focusing instead of just letting loose & going on vacation, as much as I would love to just go travel.  His response…. “Why not?  Sounds like a perfect time to get away.”  Again, can you prescribe that & get insurance to cover it (when I get insurance!…applied to another company today.).

He did talk about there is a theory that so much of the mental problems we have are related to working so much & the work environment.  I know most of mine are from past experiences & how I deal with them (or don’t)… maybe even some chemical imbalance,  but I don’t think I can blame work completely.  I do feel much more free and able to be me.  Still its nice to have a car, lights, food, etc.  & since I’m not in the market to give up my independence to a sugar daddy, back to work I will go.  The real challenge is going to be hold out for something I will love (is there such a thing?) or find something to pay the bills that I can tolerate?

Time will tell.

Maybe tomorrow I will find the inspiration to start me in the right direction….

Muse for hire.  Anyone?  Great outlook on life, sarcastic attitude, reliable transportation & even a pug side kick thrown in at no extra charge….  anyone?  Bueller?


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