Lucky as Clover

So a view from IKEA.  Loved this couch although its too big for any room in my place.  The colors in this room are pretty much what I want for my bedroom except the wood.  & of course add in some purple.  But I love the wall color & the multiple lights hanging together.  Not sure my Dad was thrilled with it…. hands on the hips could mean anything! He didn’t complain though!

So in the spirit of being Irish I honor March 17th… even if I don’t really get the whole St Patricks deal.  A reason to drink green beer or drink til I’m green, I will pass.  Going around pinching everyone who isn’t wearing the color green? I really don’t understand where that tradition came from at all.  Maybe the spirit of conformity?  Which is the main reason I have grown not to enjoy the day.  My understanding is that St Patrick ran the snakes from Ireland…. or in less childlike terms, ran the pagans out.  They either left, hid or converted.  Not really very tolerant.  I tend to believe we all have our own paths to follow & that right should be honored (yes understand that this is as long as it doesn’t include harming others).

But there are some other symbols of the holiday that I do love.

There are countless hours that have been spent by my mom & all of us in the yard looking into the clover patches.  Believe it or not we are highly skilled at finding 4 leaf clover! We have books filled with the proof ready to fall out if you dare open them.  Long ago placed inside the pages to press flat.  Sometimes we looked while waiting for others to get in the car so we could go somewhere.  Sometimes it was an excuse to just get away & outside.  Be quite & think or not think.  Sort of a meditation.

Also love the idea of leprechauns lurking around outside just waiting to be discovered.  The idea that the more you look the closer you are to finding your own pot of gold is such a perfect concept.  Sure it may not be a pot of gold you find, but the joy you discover in following your heart may be worth far more than anything you can place in a cauldron.

So I will wear green, because its a color I love.  I will search of the pots of gold and 4 leaf clovers in my life & hope that I make the choices that bring me the best life I can have & will continue to love those who walk their own paths, defying the conformity.

Besides who wants to be the 3 leafed clover no one picks when they were born to sprout 4 leaves?

now off to dream of all things green…

Bedroom Update :)

Green living room + classical Beaux Arts architecture: Benjamin Moore 'Greenmount Silk', by Barry Dixon

dining room

New corner


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