In Only a Moment

Everything changes.

This is one of the hardest curses and biggest blessings in life.

Nothing will ever stay the same forever.  This moment is as it never was & never will be again.  With only 24 hours in a day, how many can you say you truly have enjoyed completely?

Life is way too precious to be wasting.  Examples of this are everywhere, especially today.  I can not fathom a world where one moment its the day to day norm and then the shaking begins for 5 to 6 minutes that I’m sure felt like hours to those that survived them.  Followed by a world turned upside down.

Being half a world away, it feels completely helpless.   I can’t just take some food, water & a comforting quilt to someone in Japan.  I would love to share a shoulder and a hug to try to comfort for a moment.  I wish I could share a joke or smart assed comment to lighten the mood for a few seconds.  But for now they endure what is happening.

There is a great choice in how we react.  Even not immediately involved this is a major shift in life as we know it.  Some reports even say this earthquake has shifted the world’s axis & others say this is another step to the change believed to be coming in 2012.  So what do we do?


Find bliss in each breath we take.  So many are gone. So many are in pain and confusion.  But for us in the United States we MUST find bliss.  Let our hearts soar in gratitude.  We are so lucky right now that we are not in their position right now.  Truth is we have so much to give.

Might sound a bit strange, but I bet you many of those effected would give everything for just a few more moments with loved ones.  Want nothing more than to hug a pet or smile at a stranger walking down the street.  The normal day to day “chaos”.   We are so gifted by these simple moments today.

Treasure the pleasure of the seconds.

Also I urge you to look inward & see what you can do to help.  Giving is a beautiful thing to do & brings great joy.  We are all so connected and need each other in so many ways.   If nothing more I truly believe in the power of positive thoughts.  Call it a prayer, a spell, a wish, whatever you do, but think good thoughts.  Imagine a warm pinkish white blanket of healing hopeful energy around the world right now.  Especially over those in Japan and around the Pacific.  Nothing will ever be as it was, but hope like crazy we can find a way to bring about something better.

People can donate online at or they can write a check to their local Red Cross chapter. To make things even easier, people can text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to relief efforts; the charge is automatically added to your phone bill.

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