Unemployed Week One Check In

My first week down without a formal paying job (well since Tuesday afternoon anyway..) & so it seems time for a check in.

Especially since the insomniac in me is alive & well.  No sense in taking a pill to sleep when I have no plans to get up for.  I’m quite sure I will be awake in time to make it to Mexi-Monday night at my friends’ place for dinner!

So the plan.

  1. Work out at least 4 times a week 30 minutes – didn’t happen
  2. Keep waking up by 8:30 for at least 5 days – complete! gold star, cookie, goofy eraser in the shape of some japanese food, whatever it is, I get the prize!
  3. Apply for a minimum of 4 jobs every day – this works out to 28 jobs per week, & I applied to TWENTY NINE! Score…now if I could score an interview.
  4. Work on improving the house a minimum of 7 hours each week – um, yeah….well  I am going to need to focus more on this one.
  5. Each week either attend a educational course, complete a training online or do some sort of research in the library – signed up for a class on Tuesday, but then the stress of the day got to me & I slept through it.  Doubt my research on techniques of eye liner application really should count…. still it was in the effort of self improvement!
  6. List at least seven new things to sell each week  (Etsy or other) – why in the hades didn’t I get this one done? FAIL
  7. Read a minimum of 4 hours each week – thanks to Candace Bushnell I achieved this one.  Catching up with high school version of Carrie Bradshaw in the Carrie Diaries helped me complete this one with ease.
  8. Meditate daily – ha ha ha… try about 4 times this week.  But sadly not daily.
  9. Live on $100 a week – this one got blown by the camera purchase, but for the record had it not happened I would have ended the week with $30.28.

This coming week will bring all new challenges I’m sure, but here’s hoping for the best.  More green & less undone.

I know next week will have classes & more family time.  Might even finish that novel I’m reading & start a new one.

Til then more inspirations…

Audrey Collection - Girl's Bedroom Collection

Purple White and Grey Bedroom

Glam Room

Sex and The City - Carrie's Bedroom


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