Sweet Surrender

holy canoli that was yummy

Night hasn’t been a total loss today, mood has been defunked.

All it took was giving myself a good time out (AKA meditation) & meeting up with a friend for dinner at a favorite italian place.  Buffalo Chicken pizza may be a new favorite thing! So good…. & the heat of the sauce was just enough to make my lips tingle yet not so  unbearable hot that it made you sweat. Bonus the hot guy was working again, so we had eye candy to go along with the waitress who is hilarious.  Get her every time & she has attitude to spare since she knows we can take it & give it back too! I stopped at one slice & although I certainly wasn’t hungry, I ended up having a canoli!  Gotta enjoy life.

Then I was smart & went grocery shopping while I was full.  Got out just at $25 & stocked up on lots of fruits & veggies….& coffee creamer, which was the most important thing right?

Feels like Sunday.  I have no concept of the days after last night.  Feel slightly bad I am not going out with another friend (to yet another gay bar) who called, but this girl is beat & doesn’t need to spend any extra money any more this weekend.  Might have to just hibernate til Tuesday when I have my interview to volunteer & a night class on Time Management.  (sounds like its going to be appropriate since time is slipping by!)

So tonight I’m huddled down already in some PJs thinking tomorrow I may not even come out of them. Just relax the day at home.

Course if I did have money to blow I can certainly think of a few things I would love to be doing tonight…  like shopping!

tip toe

tip toe by AliMoonGoddess on Polyvore.com

BUT since I am out of cash for the week (& then some thanks to the new camera), there will be no shopping.

Without the new camera, I have done ok.  As of the end of Saturday night, I am down to $39.41!  But I know I have gotten lucky this week & things will get tighter.  I am still using up food & gift certificates I have had, so this is making it a bit easier.  Plus I have just gotten lucky with people’s generosity.  I’m grateful for the wonderful people in my life.


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