Pink Poison

Hi.  My name is Ali & I have a spending problem.

or maybe its a photographic problem.  or maybe its just hard adjusting to a very limited budget.

Maybe it started when I bought & read a book a few years ago..

cool read. for bad girls.

Either way I am very bad today.

Could be incredibly worse, but still a tad off the plan.

Started off as a great day.  Couple cups of coffee listening to the birds celebrate a new day.  Applied to 15 jobs.  Then I saw the emails….

Lately I have been deleting the ones that are obvious temptations & not important.  Old Navy, Target, Ulta, you know who I mean… those emails just to let you know what deals are going on..just in case you need something.  Nope.  Delete.  Temptations.

BUT then there was the reminder that I have Best Buy rewards points to redeem.  Like a fool I had to check to see how many I had & what it all meant.  (she goes to get the pick)

I logged into their site & entered the codes to find I had accumulated quite a few rewards dollars that I could apply to a purchase. (sticks the pick in the lock)

Then it hit me how my point & shoot camera wasn’t working lately just right.  It was a cheap refurbished one I got a few years ago & certainly has put in its time.  Yesterday started requiring a manual mode of opening the shutters up front… (wiggles the pick in the lock)

Seriously... these gates are not working anymore.

Checked the Best Buy site just to see what I would get if I had a job & could afford to spend the money.  Dreamed of all the various features & looks of the convenient cameras.  Thought about how nice it would be to have one tonight when I had plans with a dear friend.  Noticed an adorable pink one was on sale…. & that with the rewards & a coupon it really would be a great deal.  Plus I have a Best Buy card that has a lot of room uncharged on it…. (CLICK… & we are in! the lock pops right open)

......just too cute to leave there in that box!


Money spent – NOT on budget.  Going to take quite a few interviews & applications to pay off that one even if it wasn’t very much.  It was unplanned money & it was spent knowing I have plans to go out tonight (which is going to cost cash!).

Silly girl.

So yeah.  This slim picking budget is blown this week.  I admit it, I enjoy being able to spend money when I want to & not worry about it.  Maybe its just that I have worked this week & it really doesn’t feel like I don’t have a steady paycheck yet?  Who knows.

So there is my full admission of guilt.  Hoping that it serves as a reminder that I HAVE to do better.

…..oh & how crazy is it that I painted my nails & it ended up being the EXACT same shade as the camera! Loving this color today evidently.

pretty in pink

Even if it is a bit toxic to me.


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