How sweet it is

My day has been pretty darn sweet I have to say.

Started with early morning catching up with a friend and her snuggle bug of a dog, Sugar, over coffee & a couple of delicious breakfast sandwiches.

just as sweet as he can possibly be! (Great pic from my friend too!)

Then it was off to get cracking on some work.. but I took a detour.  My mind thought:  “I’m off.  I’m near the beach.  Why not?”

To which the world promptly replied: “Because its chilly as all get out & the winds are blowing strong enough to take your tush to Oz!”

So back in the car & back in search of distracting adventure.  No real event.  I did end up enjoying some sushi but afterward I managed to convince myself that I really did need to work & nothing would be more gratifying that getting more done & off the to-do list.

Applied for a couple more places, got a call back about a volunteer position that I am really excited about & a call from my mom about some lady on PBS making castles out of toilet paper rolls, old boxes, paint & glitter!  Course it was while I was applying online & only a couple of pages into the questionnaire did I realize I was thinking the ratings were one way & it was actually the other way! Oops.. so I went back & corrected it all.  No I don’t actually think my coworkers see me as NEVER able to complete tasks… So no more interruptions.  Finished up & saw it was time to take a break.

Visited with a couple of friends up the street & learned WAY more than I think I want to know about why the local police have been stationed in the neighborhood so much lately & why that helicopter was shining its light down the other night just step away from my door!  Guess I find some comfort that they are here looking out for us & hoping that they get this guy ASAP!  What wasn’t so comforting was the reply from one neighbor when it was mentioned that we had been snooping online looking at the local mugshots to see what was going on.  The neighbor replied: “OH did you see mine?” like it was some magazine spread for a beauty line! Jeez oh pete! Thankfully that was not the neighbor I was visiting & have pretty much known this person isn’t quite right so I tend to keep a safe distance.  Again though… where am I living?!?!?

Couple more completed applications & it was on to more fun.

The Cape Fear Tweet Up!  Once a month a group of local people who are addicted to have fun using Twitter, meet face to face to hang out.  I have been lucky enough to make a couple & its always so interesting to see who people are offline.  It was great! Conversations flowed smoothly & beyond 140 characters, there was beer & wine, incredible free sweet treats to nosh on & even some healthier fare…. heck it was IN a local RECORD shop, so there was even awesome music & atmosphere.  SWEET!

The cakes & cookies were baked from a new local bakery in an old favorite bookstore downtown……….the bakery name? SUGAR on Front St!

A place I have been meaning to check out, but just haven’t taken the time.  Now I am going to probably crave that carrot cake!

So I can honestly say I have had a day that started & ended with SUGAR!

How sweet it is.

& I have this song STUCK in my head at the moment so I figured I would share:


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