Patching in Pink

One part of my bedroom I don’t miss as I stay in the spare room is the bathroom door!

The doorstop got lodge into the door one night… alcohol may or may not have been involved, but either way isn’t it the job of the door to STOP the door not join the door.

stupid hole

my new friends

Thankfully I have time & the support of a few friends today to fix the hole finally!

This stuff looks so yummy! But I will resist the urge to eat it. But it does look like some cotton candy meets marshmellow mush stuff!

First I had to put the mesh over the hole since I wasn’t working with a push pin sized spot here.Then it was putty smearing time! …which lead to cramming the pink goo into every hole in the wall I could see.  How on earth have I managed to get so many punctures in this house? Guess as my sister said “well you like to hang stuff!” …pictures, calendars, strands of colored lights…. whatever works, then I move it & something else goes on a wall.

seriously love this stuff

BRIGHT HOT PINK! yet when it dries it will be white…

Like magic!

& made me realize there really is nothing preventing me from dying my hair hot pink right now since I don’t have to worry about what customers or clients might think! …but that’s another day…

See already drying white...

Also the other idea for changing something up didn’t go as well.

The chandelier in the front room is just ugly.  I debated getting some paint to make it look chrome or white, but since I don’t exactly know how to get it down & figure spraying paint all into the room isn’t the greatest idea… I’m holding back for now.  BUT since the bulbs have burned out I thought it might be nice to get rid of the “flame” looking bulbs & try some round bubble ones.

yup, its F-Ugly!

Which could have looked ok… but they won’t light up! Oops.  They seem to be the same information wise & the ends look the same.  Why they aren’t interchange able I don’t know.

So another day.  Would love to replace it, but was hoping to at least snazz it up a touch with the more modern bulbs.  Maybe even add some color to the “candle stick” parts.

Still I would prefer one more like this….

Or better yet just take the whole thing out since it just sits over a desk area.

Oh well, as Scarlet is remembered for reminding us… Tomorrow is another day.


& for the record…. today I am up cash wise.  I spent a total of $6.53, but since I applied to so many jobs, my total for the day is at up $7.47!

Since I am giving myself a $1.00 per application to add to the $100 budget, I got to add $14 today!  Now if only I can get some real cash flowing in…. and it will.  All in due time.


2 thoughts on “Patching in Pink

  1. Ali, good patch job. Something you do not know about me is I use to hang wallpaper before I was a nurse.
    So you didn’t tell the whole story of how you finished up that patch job. So just offering, did you sand it down and put second layer, then sand that down?? Makes it pretty…..
    Love your blog! Inspiring

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