Unemployed – the dare

So tomorrow marks the 1st day of my unemployment!

In my eyes at least.  I will work, but its on an hourly basis & as needed.  More like a consultant thing than I previously was doing.  Also after Wednesday, I doubt that I will be needed.

So the plan. (yes… the Virgo has a bit of a plan!)

  1. Work out at least 4 times a week 30 minutes
  2. Keep waking up by 8:30 for at least 5 days
  3. Apply for a minimum of 4 jobs every day
  4. Work on improving the house a minimum of 7 hours each week
  5. Each week either attend a educational course, complete a training online or do some sort of research in the library
  6. List at least seven new things to sell each week  (Etsy or other)
  7. Read a minimum of 4 hours each week
  8. Meditate daily
  9. Live on $100 a week

Looks simple right?

Did you read #9? ha ha

I have a challenge for myself.  Each week I am going to limit myself to $100 per week to eat, entertain, etc on.  This will not include bills, gas, medication or pet expenses.  It will include clothes, food, going out, all that extra stuff.  However I have a way to give myself a boost if I want it!

For the past several years, I have lived on a budget, so budgets aren’t anything new.  Living this tight is going to be different though! Pinching the pennies til I find something new income wise.

Any food in the house or anything given to me won’t count cost wise.  Also I can earn cash. I hope to earn cash! Really hoping to find a few jobs along the way to figuring out the next step in whatever career it is I end up doing.  Savings is there, but it would be nice to keep some of it IN SAVINGS! Still resolving not to touch the 401k!  But in addition to the weekly allowance I can gain some extra cash flow by earning it.

I will pay myself for doing the following things:

  • For every application I complete & submit = $1.00
  • For every hour I volunteer = $1.00
  • For every interview I go on = $5.00
  • For every extra 30 minutes of exercise beyond the 1st 4 sessions per week = $1.00

So on to the future…

I wish I could look into it & see exactly what is planned for me, but where is the fun in that?  Besides I believe that every choice we make has the power to change our path.  Which is why I feel doing this has the power to change me for the better.  I certainly hope so.

Wish me luck!

Any thoughts?  Suggestions or ideas of things I should do?  Maybe see some improvement idea or task I should do & pay myself for?


3 thoughts on “Unemployed – the dare

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