Pink & a Painting Dog on a Sunday

Spring has come a bit early after all!

Windows are open & a sweet playful breeze seems to be enjoying going from the front of the house out the back.  Flowers are even beginning to bloom.

Made it all the easier to get out of the house this morning and do a bit of exploring.  First stop the Home Expo! Unfortunately it wasn’t nearly as great as I was hoping.  After about 20 minutes I was over it.  It was free though & now I can say I went.

On to Monty’s Home Pet Expo! Much more my scene.  Saw a few friends & got to catch up on life. Felt way more like home to me than the other expo! Even got to see a certain amazon that is up for adoption with Phoenix Landing!  He was hilarious.  Clearly not interested in meeting people or being adopted.  Kept his eyes shut or completely turned his back when people came up.  He did manage to warm up some while I was there.  Again you tell me birds don’t understand & I will have to tell you that just isn’t true.  This fellow knows what he wants & its to stay in the foster home he has! Too funny the lil guy.  BIG on character.

Also got to see Netop, the painting dog in action!

What a cutie! & talented too.  He paints these paintings & sells them to help out other dogs who need homes.  Fun to watch him do his thing.

After the expo it was so nice out I decided to check out a couple more resale shops with fingers crossed they’d be cleaner & better inspiration than the ones from yesterday! I wasn’t disappointed!

The first stop had these, which were not for everyone, but I thought with all the birds in my place they would be cute on night stands beside my bed.  Would want to paint them both white & get less busy shades but they have real potential.  Course with the prices, they are best left for someone else for now.

Still the birds inside the cages were adorable!

EGG-stra special holder?

This ceramic tray was cute, but made me question – do people really unload their eggs out of the carton into special dishes?  I rarely even buy eggs but typically just leave them in the carton they came in!  Maybe it would be cute as a way to store jewelry or something.

This thing almost came home with me! Wasn’t quite sure how it would do with getting painted with the hinges, but I do know my scarves would look pretty awesome stored on it on one of the walls! Functional & cute… I love it! But saving the cash & it was a bit more than I would have thought it should be.  Thinking on it & may go back….

The mirror.  Do I need to even say anything? Beautiful.

After playing around in dream land, I headed out to get a couple of things I actually did need.

Found plenty of things I didn’t need that wanted to come home with me, but I was good!

Glittery goodness

These shoes however almost came with me for sheer kicks! Too fun & I am a girl who loves glitter!  I mean can’t you just see me going to interview in these?  With a nice subtle black suit of course!  I know… too much, but they were fun & I hope someone does get them & struts in them like there is no tomorrow.  Fun is very necessary! Unfortunately so is a good bra so that was what I ended up spending the cash on.  For some reason mine just don’t seem to last for long.  Oh well.

Another thing I thought I had found was a great lipstick – in PINK!  Never underestimate the power of a great color of lipstick to make you feel incredible.  Its been a go to for me for as long as I can remember.  My grandmother taught me early that even if you don’t feel like putting anything else on makeup wise, a bit of the right color lipstick can make you feel glamorous.  Just changes your whole mood.

Being very fair skinned with the blonde hair & blue eyes, the wrong shade just makes me look sick & ghostly.  A lot of the reds are too much, the browns just look strange & the corals just aren’t right.  So a good pink has always been my favorite.  Its a bear to find & I try to get a couple of tubes when I do find one, but lately I haven’t found any.  My last one of the old best melted in the car last week.  So now I’m stuck.

Knowing its worth the investment, I was going to allow myself to get a new tube IF I found the right shade.  So far no luck.  BUT today at Victoria Secrets I found a GREAT pink! Tested it on my hand & LOVED IT.

Chatted with the sales girl a bit & found she was the same way.  Easy to find all these browns, reds & neutrals, but pink just was a whole ‘nother story!  Felt great to know I wasn’t the only one in search of the perfect baby pink.  Hope.  So I tried a few & found the one.  The spot said ADORED & the boxes there looked the same, so I got one.  Was THRILLED.  til I tried it on in the car.  Not the same shade.  😦

So now I have no clue what color it was I actually liked!  I should have gone back in & actually almost did go return the tube, but I thought, yuck – who returns lipstick?  Besides I actually don’t hate it.  For a dark, it works.  So I’m keeping the Adored tube, even if I don’t.

But now I’m still on my quest.

My life basically boils down to a big search for things.  Peace of mind & heart.  A loving companion.  A meaningful job that doesn’t suck the life out of me…. And the perfect shade of pink lipstick.


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