Doing things differently

So last night I ended up in bed with a smile on my face by 10 pm.

No big party animal here,  but I slept.  It felt great.  For whatever reason when I woke up at 5:30 am I thought – BEACH!

earlier than I could imagine I would be up & out

Sunrise on the Carolina Coast is one of the most beautiful gifts of life you can view, if you can break away from your daily schedule to catch it!

waking up

I don’t regret it a bit, but I came home with hopes of doing so many things with the advance on the day.  Breakfast at a favorite spot, a home convention, pet gala, take Baxter to the dog park since he loved it last week, maybe even get a start on a few applications I need to get in.  Clean the house, spruce up the bird cages, grocery shop, meet a couple of friends.  It was chilly so when I got back home, I cuddled up under a blanket & hopped on the laptop….

then around 11 am I woke back up!

the day flew right out from under me it seems.

But I did get a few things done around the house, and got in a few applications for a couple of volunteer positions.  When working full time it was just too much to try to volunteer any more than I already was, but it hit me this morning – why not now? Sure there are plenty of things to do around the house & time with family is going to be key while I can get it, but nothing stopping me now.

Thankfully they are quicker about responding than a paying gig, so it looks like I have found a way to give back while I am in transition. Can’t wait!  More details on that to come.

Even managed to venture to a couple of resale shops, but nothing worth seeing there.  Just made me want to take a shower afterward.  Funny how some are so nice & some just gross.  Not kidding one I went in today had a couple of canisters with leftovers in them! One had a clumped line of sugar at the bottom & the other… who knows what that stuff was! Nothing came home from either place! eek! But 2 new places checked out.

Now more applying, less mind wandering & then its off to shower & dinner plans at Pizzetta’s! Which is turned into a new favorite! Can’t wait! Love my Saturdays!


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