So not the night I had planned.

No dinner. No Shadow… just another bad timing BS.

& now I remember while he has great timing sometimes, he has NO time other times.  Which is one reason it didn’t last before.

So what’s a gal to do? Go have fun on her own.

Which meant blasting some music, singing along & dreaming about making over a bedroom.

Which included a trip to Home Goods!

Love these. Even the shades!

The black shades with the white lines are adorable.  I think I like the white beaded base, but then again something isn’t quite my thing.

the bases on these are perfection

Can’t go wrong with silver! The shades need a little something.

Not so sure about the grey shade, but this is cute

I like the base, but the grey shade… not so much.

shame I don't have room to get Baxter one of these! But I am saving for my own bed

I did good.  I only walked out with the pictures…even if a few things REALLY wanted to come home with me.  Still in purge mode.  Besides tomorrow might be pay day, but I know its going to be one of the last ones I have for a little while, so not going to spend any I don’t need to.

Thankfully it doesn’t cost a thing to dream!


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