Claiming your energy

Just attended a class on energy.  Something that it seems we never have enough of these days.

But is it really a lack of or just that life experiences & other people drain us of our energy?

How many energy vampires are all around us wiping us out?

The things discussed in the class were perfect for me right now.  Some new protective techniques, some reminders of things I should be doing that I stopped for whatever reason.  Another confirmation that I am doing what I need to do to best live my life.  Just need to regain my own & use it in ways that lift me up and allow me to help those who I can in ways that make me happy.

One way everyone can make their lives better is by being grateful, no only for things, people, experiences, etc.  but also for ourselves.

If we don’t place value & really remind ourselves of that value, who else is going to see it within us?

..of course its purple! Its MY gratitude journal.

I used to keep a gratitude journal.  (groan now.. jeez is Oprah in the room…)  Seriously it was/is a small bound pocket sized book I got CHEAP somewhere.  I started writing 5 things a day that I was grateful for.  I just did it once per day & a few times I noticed my boyfriend at the time, looked funny at me writing.  Finally one day he asked what I was doing.  Not being the type of guy that was into “that stuff” I knew he would not get it.  So I teased and said “I’m writing down all the things you do that bug me & all the times that you tick me off.”  He asked again a few days later “Writing down things I want to change about us”.  Now I know that was snotty of me & I could have been nicer but at the time I was feeling judged by him about my beliefs.  (the thing that later ended that relationship)

For whatever reason, I ended up back at the place I got the book for less than a dollar & decided to get him one too.  So I presented him with it the next time he asked.  I told him that he should be writing down all the bad stuff about me & laughed at the “she has lost her mind” look that got! Then I showed him my book & how it was 5 things I was thankful for each day.  Down on many of the pages was his name, or something he did… which I explained was another reason I wasn’t as open about sharing what I was doing.  The man blushed.  I won’t embarrass him too badly, but he may or may not have started his own gratitude journal for a little while.  It didn’t seem to catch on as well, but he wasn’t as opposed as I predicted.

Why I was so shy about being grateful for him at the time I don’t know.  But I know now that we should always enjoy the moments we have & the people in our lives.  He may have hurt me and the relationship ended, but at the time we both cared deeply & lifted each other up in many ways.  For those times I still am grateful.  Also I can be grateful that the relationship did end.  Its made me stronger & I know now that it is very important to be with some one who respects me for being me, not just parts of me.  My values are strong enough to where I chose them over what I thought was love.  That is a gift I never could have imagined would be so beautiful.

So tonight I am starting back with the 5 things written down.

I always think of things as I try to sleep that I am thankful for, but writing them down has a whole different feel.  Going back through them later can be so telling & the gentle reminder we might need later to show us how truly blessed we are.

Another thing I am going to start doing is putting down in writing one reason per day that I value myself.

Unfortunately I imagine there may be a time in this transition where I don’t feel so strong or worthy.  Rejection letters, not getting called back after interviews, etc all seem to be major energy killers, but with these tools hopefully I can remind myself that I am worth hiring & I am loved, strong, powerful & confident.  Just have to find the right place for me.

So are you up for it?  Think you can think of things to be grateful for? More importantly are you thankful for who you are?

Write it down.  Love letters to yourself can be the perfect true love.

Like they say, if you don’t take care of & love yourself… how can you possible take care of & love any one else?

Another reason I need this to be a habit again, is best explained as the Psychic Teachers say “You don’t take a bath just once & expect to stay clean all year do you?”… so yes we all need the reminders.  (& I love this metaphor! Perfect!)

& if you are interested in learning more about protecting you from those energy vampires, focusing your intuitive gifts or any kind of psychic work, I know a couple of blissful people who I highly recommend.  The Psychic Teachers have a podcast if you just are interested in checking them out.  I hope you will find them as delightful & insightful as I have.

Now I have a parrot who keeps saying “Night night” & a pug that has already given up on me & gone to bed.  I think that’s my cue to call it a night.


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