SWF seeking basically this…

Ever read through a blog and see something that just makes you stop & scream… “I WANT THAT SO BAD!”? .. on the inside, not really out loud.

Its like for me today in reading a post on a new blog I recently discover, the Starfish blog.  Iam basically mentally drooling over the camera bag she recently got. 

so cute!

At first I thought it was just a handbag & thought “I would carry that in a heartbeat”.  After I found out it was a CAMERA BAG!?! now I am REALLY wishing I had extra cash to drop.  Alas the company that makes them, Jo Totes seems to be wiped out of basically everything.

Maybe by the time I get some extra cash flow coming in (*is there ever such a thing?) they will restock.


2 thoughts on “SWF seeking basically this…

  1. LOVE those too!

    but yeah. I don’t think a new camera bag in anywhere in the budget anytime soon. I got the Diana one at Best Buy that sort of looks like a diaper bag meets briefcase. Its ok.

    I’m hoping the trendy bags are just starting up. About time! 🙂

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